HYDRAGUN vs. Theragun: Which Massage Gun is the Best?

If you’re an athlete or even just someone who loves to exercise regularly, you’ve probably experienced muscle soreness numerous times. Sometimes, the pain can be tolerable enough — the muscles feel tender and raw, but you can still move your body just fine. But other times, the pain can be so bad that it feels like you’ve just been beaten to a pulp.

And I don’t have to be a mind reader to know that you just absolutely hate it when muscle soreness happens.

Luckily for you, technology has heard your pleas for a solution to your muscle soreness. And it has, indeed, come up with a solution: massage guns.

Essentially, massage guns are recovery tools that help alleviate muscle soreness. Right now, there are two brands of massage guns that are getting some buzz: Theragun and HYDRAGUN. But between these two, which massage gun is the best?

Massage Guns: 3 Things You Need to Know

If you already have extensive knowledge of massage guns, then you can skip directly to the review below.

But if you’re unaware, massage guns are essentially devices that use percussive force to provide  deep-tissue massage therapy — the only difference is that you can use these devices anytime, anywhere as opposed to having to go to a spa.

Because of how massage guns work, these devices have been called other names. Some of these names are percussion massagers, percussive therapy massage guns, and vibration therapy devices.

Aside from the definition, here are three things you need to know about this particular recovery tool.

How Do Massage Guns Work?

There have been theories as to how massage guns work. One popular theory is that massage guns stimulate the GTO (Golgi Tendon), a structure within a muscle that inhibits contraction, and that’s how sore muscles relax. Another argument is that massage guns override the sensation of pain within a sore muscle the same way you would rub your forehead to relieve the pain after smacking your head against a hard surface.

But experts believe that the most likely mechanism of soft-tissue work is neural. According to performance coach and physical therapist Dr. John Rusin, when you’re using a massage gun, you’re affecting your brain’s ability to sense tightness or laxity in soft tissue, such as muscle, tendon, or fascia.

In other words, the massage gun focuses your attention on the tight muscle, thus allowing your brain to zero in on the tension and let it go.

Effects of Massage Guns

When performing a workout, blood flows into the muscle that you’re using, giving you the energy that you need for the session. But if you follow the workout session with long periods of inactivity, the blood pooled into the muscles will cause muscle soreness and even swelling in extreme circumstances.

Massage guns can help relieve this muscle soreness because they increase blood flow. And with improved blood flow, nutrients can be transported to the muscles, and the blood stuck in the muscles and the waste products associated with exercise, such as metabolites, are removed.

In a way, massage guns initiate an out-with-the-bad (buildup of blood and metabolites), in-with-the-good (blood flow, more nutrients) effect.

Best Ways to Use the Massage Gun

There is no conclusive answer as to how long you have to use a massage gun, but the most popular suggestion is to only use the massage gun for 1–2 minutes on each muscle group, especially the large ones.

This is because you don’t want to overstimulate the muscle. Excessive use will drive fluid into the muscle without allowing it to flow out again.

Additionally, most massage guns carry a lot of power, so it’s recommended that you start with a low setting. Higher settings are recommended for those heavyweight athletes.

HYDRAGUN vs. Theragun: What Massage Gun to Buy?

Now that we’ve gone over massage gun basics, it’s time to do a comparison of the two buzziest brands in the market today.  Theragun PRO – which as of writing is considered the gold standard of massage guns, and the new kid on the block that’s blazed a trail in social media since its launch in October this year – the HYDRAGUN. Which massage gun is the best? Read on to find out.


The first thing that any of us notice when we look at a particular product is its physical appearance. Massage guns are no exception.

Between the two, Theragun Pro has a more eye-catching look — its triangular handle is undeniably striking. Additionally, its adjustable head angles and ergonomic handle also help to focus on the body part you are targeting.

Meanwhile, HYDRAGUN opts for a more simple, gun-like design. Its handle is at a 99-degree angle and is covered in silicon. This makes the grip easy for you, even when your hands are sweaty.

However, both massage guns can be difficult to turn on at times. If you press the power button on the Theragun Pro for too long, it might activate the higher setting all of a sudden. For HYDRAGUN, you might have to push the power button harder  to turn on the device.

Design Winner: It’s a tie. This aspect of the massage gun is highly dependent on your preference. Do you like Theragun Pro’s distinctive look more? Or do you find HYDRAGUN’s simple appearance more alluring?


Upon trying both devices, I discovered that the Theragun Pro is slightly heavier than the HYDRAGUN. At first, I didn’t mind it, but the constant use of the massage guns made me acutely aware of the difference. As a result, it can be uncomfortable to hold the Theragun Pro as I’m warming up or cooling down.

Weight Winner: HYDRAGUN

Noise Level

According to Theragun, their Theragun Pro comes with “QuietForce Technology.” Its actual noise level is 75dB. Meanwhile, HYDRAGUN’s noise level is 30–50dB, and the brand claims that their massage gun is the quietest available in the market.

After trying both products, all I can say regarding this aspect is that HYDRAGUN is quieter than Theragun Pro — even at its highest setting.

This is a bigger deal than you might think it is because you’re likely going to use a massage gun while you’re inside the gym. And if your massage gun is noisy, you’re going to disturb people from their workouts, which isn’t nice.

Even if you use the massage gun at home, you’ll appreciate its low noise level when you’re doing something else, like watching TV. After all, you don’t want some ear-splitting noise to distract you from your binge-watching, do you?

Noise Level Winner: HYDRAGUN

Speed and Amplitude

Theragun Pro comes with five built-in speeds (1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, and 2400ppms), and it has an app-controlled customizable speed range as well. Its amplitude is 16mm.

On the other hand, HYDRAGUN has six settings for speed, and this wide range enables users to customize according to their needs. However, its amplitude is lower than Theragun’s. This means that Theragun Pro can provide a deeper massage than HYDRAGUN.

From my experience, I prefer HYDRAGUN for its speed variety. I won’t always need a deep massage every time. Sometimes, I’m okay with a light massage just to wake up the muscles before I start my workout of the day. HYDRAGUN serves me just fine when it comes to speed and amplitude.

Speed and Amplitude: For me, the winner is HYDRAGUN. This is because I like to vary the intensity of our massages every now and then. But if you want deep massages every time, Theragun Pro might be the better fit for you.

Battery Life

Since massage guns are wireless devices, batteries are incredibly important. Potential buyers of massage guns would prefer brands that offer the longest possible battery life.

Theragun Pro offers an extra battery that you can use in case something terrible happens to the other one. This is an excellent initiative on Theragun’s part, but still, the two batteries only provide 150 minutes of use each. All in all, you can only use the massage gun for 300 minutes or 5 hours.

HYDRAGUN, on the other hand, has only one battery, but I discovered from my usage that the device can last up to 7 hours of use. This is significantly higher than the battery life of Theragun Pro.

Battery Life Winner: HYDRAGUN

Protective Carrying Case

You might dismiss the idea of a protective carrying case as a legitimate point of comparison for these two massage gun brands, but trust me when I say that a quality case can go a long way.

A case for your massage gun makes it convenient for you to keep and maintain your device. Theragun Pro’s carrying case can only carry the massage gun and the two batteries. The six attachment heads have a travel pouch of their own. Meanwhile, HYDRAGUN’s carrying case fits not only the massage gun but also all six attachment heads and the charger.

This is an advantage for HYDRAGUN because the massage gun and all the important components can be found in just one place. Aside from that, the carrying case is slim enough that you won’t have a difficult time putting it inside backpacks and lockers. Basically, HYDRAGUN’s carrying case provides more convenience than Theragun Pro’s.

Protective Carrying Case Winner: HYDRAGUN


Warranty is a sign of a brand’s reliability. It lets you know that you can ask for help from the brand if anything happens to your device. For that reason, customers are more likely to trust those brands that offer a long warranty period.

When it comes to the warranty, Theragun takes the cake. While most brands only offer one year of warranty, Theragun breaks the glass and offers two. HYDRAGUN, on the other hand, offers an 18-month or 1.5-year warranty.

Warranty Winner: Theragun


Theragun’s price is at 699 AUD while HYDRAGUN’s is at 399 AUD.

From this, you can see that the Theragun Pro is at the higher end of the price range. This is probably because of the device’s amplitude and head density. Since Theragun Pro’s amplitude is on the higher side — 16mm — it packs a bigger punch, thus giving you deep massages.

But if you don’t want a deep massage every time, it’s not worth it to pay 699 AUD for a massage gun.

Price Winner: HYDRAGUN.


Specs Winner
Design Tie; depends on what your aesthetic preference is
Noise Level HYDRAGUN
Speed and Amplitude HYDRAGUN
Battery Life HYDRAGUN
Protective Carrying Case HYDRAGUN
Warranty Theragun

So, which massage gun has reigned supreme?

Undeniably, the Theragun Pro is a quality massage gun. Its design is striking and ergonomic, and its massage heads are powerful. This product will be perfect for those people who want deep massages and don’t mind the hefty price tag.

But HYDRAGUN offers more benefits. The battery life and portability are better, the motor is quieter, and there are more speed options. This is perfect for those who want to vary their massage experience by trying out different speed options every now and then.

Long story short, we think that you’ll get the best value for your money if you choose to buy HYDRAGUN.

After reading this post, which massage gun have you decided to get? Let us know!

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