Keeping Flowers Fresh Longer

As one among the largest countries in the world, Australia is still considered as one of the smallest and oldest continents located in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia lies between the Pacific and Indian oceans. More often than not, people seem to assume that Australia’s capital is either Sydney or Melbourne, when in fact it is, Canberra, that is located in the southeast between the two cities.

Australia is known for its multicultural population with such diversity. It’s famous for its landscapes, rugged outback, pristine beaches and islands, and cities. Many international tourists may underestimate how big it is and how far the cities are from one another. Each city has its personality and culture that is unique; something for everyone to enjoy.

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One thing is for sure, since Australians, or “Aussies” love flowers, it is part of their culture to give flowers during occasions. There are over 750 florists throughout Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and everywhere in between where you can order flowers online in Australia. These florists are kept busy during Australian and Worldwide holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ day, and other holidays commemorating women.

How to Make Flowers Stay Fresh for a Long Time

It is not always that you get to receive flowers, and while it is inevitable that they wilt away, you can always freshly order flowers online in Australia or try to preserve them for at least a little longer. There are many ways to keep your flowers fresh and blooming using whatever you can find in the house. Here are some basic, important tips:


Place the bouquet into the water right away. Arrange the flowers first, cut the stems to prevent air bubbles from forming, then place them in the vase with water. The water should be below room temperature, because if it is placed in hot water, the flowers will get cooked.


Water is the flower’s lifeblood, and so is bacteria’s, and bacteria can kill flowers slowly but surely. Make sure to wash out the vase and refill the water at least every three days, or when the water smells bad and looks yellowish because that means bacteria has already started growing.

Take your time to wash the inside and outside of the vase with warm, soapy water to kill the bacteria forming instead. Once done, wash away the suds and place the flowers back with the fresh, clean water.

Refrigerate your bouquet

It’s standard for flowers to receive enough warmth from the sunlight for them to bloom vibrantly. Now, this may not be a common practice, but it is recommended to move the bouquet in the refrigerator overnight to keep the flowers fresh. Adjust some shelves in the refrigerator to make enough space for the vase so as not to bend the flowers and ruin the whole bouquet.

Fresh cancels out fresh

The image of your fresh flowers may look good next to a bowl of fruits, but it is not advisable to do so if you want to prolong your flowers’ freshness. Ripening fruits and vegetables release tiny amounts of ethylene, a type of chemical gas that can cause the flowers’ petals to wilt and age sooner.

Or, if you desire the freshest flowers in the city, order flowers online in Australia, and some of the best florists can offer same-day delivery too!

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