Whether you want to keep your beverages cold at a weekend barbeque or plan to go camping and need cool water on hand, an ice cooler is an indispensable device and will come in extremely handy in both situations.

You can browse the Yeti cooler guide for a more in-depth look at one of the best coolers in the market. The guide details everything from the size and capacity to the features of the cooler.

But if it is your first time buying a cooler, you may want to know a bit about these appliances in general. This knowledge will help you understand the guide better and make an informed decision.

Therefore, consider the following critical aspects of a cooler carefully before you buy one.


Since the primary purpose of a cooler is to keep your food and beverages cold, insulation is among the first features you should consider. 

Generally, hard-shell coolers are better at retaining ice than soft-shell ones as they have more insulating properties. So, if you are going fishing, you should look for a hard-shell cooler as it will store dry ice for fishing much more effectively.

Look at the lid to check for insulation capacity and make your decision accordingly. A thicker layer of lid insulation is always preferable.


To decide what size you should buy, consider what activity you plan to use it for and what kind and quantity of food and drinks you wish to store in it. 

If you are planning an overnight or evening camping trip, a cooler measuring 25 quarts is an excellent choice. It can easily store food and beverages for a single person or even a small group. 


For extended trips or larger groups of people, coolers sized over 75 quarts are a more sensible option. But since large coolers will require more storage space, ensure you have enough place in your vehicle to carry it around with ease.


Buying a cooler that you can carry around without hassles is critical if you need it for traveling, trips, or camping purposes. 

If you are looking at a smaller box, you will most likely come across single handle designs that are easy for one person to carry. Some models come with shoulder straps for greater convenience so that you can wear them like a backpack. 

On the other hand, larger coolers typically come with two side handles or even ropes for efficient two-person carry.


For a long-lasting cooler, you can check out online guides such as the Yeti cooler guide and consider buying a sturdy and durable model. That’s because branded appliances are generally a safer choice, providing you with total value for your money.

So, if your cooler will be spending a lot of time under the sun and other harsh conditions, pick one with a tough exterior, preferably made of metal or hard plastic. Also, invest in a bear-resistant model if you plan to camp in an area home to bears. 

Extra features

Certain coolers come with a latching mechanism for added security and convenience. You can also look for a cooler with a proper drain mechanism that efficiently allows melted ice to seep out. Some models consist of antimicrobial materials that limit bacterial growth on the inside and outside as well, keeping your food fresh and safe longer. 


Consider all these aspects carefully and buy a cooler that best suits your needs.

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