What You Need to Know About Compression Socks

Clothes are the primary target of every person when it comes to comfort. You may be among such people too. Keeping your comfort and health benefits in mind, compression clothing was introduced. It has several health benefits like improving blood pressure. The name may sound problematic to you but these clothes do not compress your body. You do not have to worry about comfort because it is greatly maintained if you wear compression clothes.

Compression clothes are not just for the athletes but for everyone who wants to have a healthy body. Pants and shirts were renowned in the compression clothing market but now, people also have the option of wearing compression socks. Men compression socks have been long known but now women should feel blessed because they can benefit from them as well.

What are Compression Socks?

These are special stockings made from a stretchable material that gently tighten the leg muscles. They are tight around the ankle and get slightly loose as they go up to the calf muscles. 

For medically prescribed use, the insurance covers the cost but if you want to use them on your own, they would not cost much. The price varies between $10 and $100. You can choose the best economic choice.

Do Compression Socks Have Types?

The use varies from person to person and so there are different types of compression socks. Three different types have been discussed below. Give it a read so that you can choose wisely.

Graduated Compression Socks 

These stockings or socks apply greater pressure on the ankles and the pressure is lowered as they go up the leg. They are specially designed to improve mobility and provide strength to medical specifications. Usually, these stockings require professional fitting depending upon the problem that needs medication.

Anti-Embolism Socks

They have the same design as graduated compression socks but the compression or pressure level on the leg is different. The difference lies in their functionality. They are designed to help immobile people. Also, these socks reduce the probability of deep vein thrombosis.

Non-Medical Support Hosiery 

This type of compression socks does not need a prescription. You can get them from your nearest pharmacy without the doctor’s prescription. The compression level is the same on the ankles and calves, unlike the other two kinds. Although, the amount of pressure is different from the prescribed stockings.

How Do Compression Socks Function?

These stockings apply pressure on the ankles and legs. This pressure reduces the diameter of enlarged veins through an increase in velocity and volume of blood in the veins. They increase the flow of blood and prevent the reflux of blood towards the feet.

Benefits of Compression Socks You Must Know 

Compression technology was designed to put pressure on the body parts and increase the flow of blood. There are several health and beauty benefits of compression socks. Some of them are:

1. Better Appearance of the Legs

Women are specifically concerned about their legs and appearance. Their legs are an important part that they daunt about. Compression socks can help you show off your legs.

They increase pressure in the varicose veins. These are the blue veins that are visible on the feet and legs. They look intimidating and compression socks enhance their appearance.

2. Reduce Recovery Time for the Legs 

After a workout session or regular jogging time, your leg muscles take time to recover. Longer recovery time means pain for a longer time. Compression socks help you reduce the recovery time for your legs. The lesser time you take for recovering, the better productivity you have.

3. Improved Lymphatic System 

The lymphatic system is responsible for the flow of lymph or fluid in your body. This fluid has several essential nutrients that help in protecting the body. The exercise routine may not always be in favor of this system. Any damage to the lymphatic veins causes different problems that are identified from the swelling. Compression socks help you stay protected from any of these damages.

4. Reduction in Clot Formation

Blood clot formation is very common. It is a painful condition that gives rise to other problems as well. Compression socks put pressure on the legs that prevent the formation of clots. If you have any clots from the last exercise session, compression socks can help to remove the blood clot and enhance blood flow.

5. Protect Yourself From Swelling 

These socks are a wonderful choice to make when you have to exercise, run, or walk. The ankles bear more pressure and it is slightly reduced from the legs. High pressure does not mean pain here but improved blood circulation.

Swelling is an inflammatory response of the body because the muscular function is damaged. Your muscles might not be receiving a sufficient amount of blood. Any incongruities in the muscles mean extreme pain and swelling. Compression socks help you increase the blood flow and the swelling wears off.   

The Takeaway

Your body needs care and attention. If you want to have a healthy and toned body, start using compression clothing during your workout or running session.

Your feet play a pivotal role in exercises, running, and jogging. Keeping them in shape must be your priority. You can protect your feet and keep them healthy and attractive if you use compression socks. They have several health and beauty benefits that are appealing to everyone. Do not make your legs suffer and wear compression socks.

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