What Do You Need To Know About A Pomapoo Dog?

Growing no more than ten inches tall, these furry, adorable creatures are considered a designer breed. A cross between the Poodle and Pomeranian breed doesn’t need too much exercise and requires gentle interaction.

Contemplating getting a Pomapoo dog? Or simply want to know more about this mixed breed? Here’s what you need to know about a Pomapoo dog. Once you have read through the end, you may probably end up getting one anyway.

Highly Adaptable

Most people living in the city have just enough space in their apartments for humans, let alone high-energy pets. A Pamapoo is a low-energy breed and therefore can adjust to apartment living. What you should know about Pomapoo dogs is that they are also easy-going and low-maintenance, making them ideal first pets.

Blend with the Family

The Pomapoo is very friendly and blends in with the family. They are highly adaptable to kids and get along pretty well with your other pets. Once they are trained on who is family and not, they are highly loyal and bark at any stranger.

Pomapoo Dog


The dog’s weight is about 15 pounds at most and rarely lives more than 15 years. They boast the best features of both parents with the Pomeranian’s fuzzy and cuddly coat and the Poodle’s short body, making grooming a breeze.


Dog hair can be a nightmare, but you can deal with it quickly, thanks to the moderate level of shedding of the Pomapoo. Also, grooming is simple due to short hair length. Another aspect to consider is drooling. It can get to you as it can leave large wet spots everywhere. These cuddly creatures have little drooling potential, making them highly hygienic. Since the dogs tend to be short and rarely go over 15 pounds, grooming does not require much effort. They require little maintenance and are pretty friendly.

Train Them

Offering treats and goodies enhance a Pomapoo dog’s response to training. They are an intelligent breed and thrive in positive environments. Introducing them to different people, situations, and locations early is crucial as it helps them adjust to any social setting.

Energy and Exercise Needs

The Pomapoo breed has limited energy levels, and thus, one walk a day is enough to exhaust them. They require moderate to low exercise regularly and make great playmates to young children. They love to fetch or tag every day and always look for your attention to keep them busy. The playtime you give them every day is enough exercise, and they may not require additional walks.The Pomapoo is a designer breed, which inherits the best from both parents, making them great playmates for young and adult humans. Thus, What you need to know about a Pomapoo dog is already discussed above. One of the most important things that you need to know is that they are highly adjustable and super friendly. They make for great pets, especially if it’s your first. Unfortunately, many call dog shelters and rescue places their homes and look to be loved and cared for. Therefore, it is recommended to adopt rather than shop.

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