Online Platforms Are Easiest Access To Best Vape Juice Flavors

People these days are technologically driven and hence we see them shifting to online shopping as compared to visiting shops physically. Same is true for vape juice shopping. If you are a new bie and do not know much about these vape juices then you have landed on the right page. You will come to know about what are a vape juice, how you can buy vape juice online, best vape juice flavors and much more. Let us begin with defining these vape juices.

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What Is Vape Juice All About?

Vaping juice is a fluid which is used in electric cigarettes as well as vaporizers creating the real vapor. It usually has nicotine in it. However, following the personal choices, vaping juices can be made with or without nicotine in it.

What Does Vape Juice Constitute?

Main ingredient of any e-liquid is the flavor. These juices usually have nicotine along with various other additives and chemicals. Last but not the least, heating coil in it enables liquid that can be inhaled. Other components of vaping juice include the following:

    • Vaporizer which heats the e-juice to 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and runs in the form of vapor which is then inhaled by the user
    • Vape juice is one of the exotic mixtures of flavors, nicotine level according to user’s choice, water, propylene glycol, or vegetable glycerin
    • Food flavoring is the same which is used in food items and it is safe and delicious to be used, check out some of best vaporizers here.
    • Propylene glycol is used in flavoring and distributes the food flavoring and taste throughout the vaping liquid in equal proportions. It is used in vanilla extracts, food coloring, and in other types of medicines
    • Vegetable glycerin is vegetable based liquid which is thick and sweet


  • VG and PG constitute 90% of the liquid in addition to the nicotine and food grade which makes 10%


Proportion Of Nicotine In Vape Juice:

Vape juices are accessible in different nicotine strengths. Some of the users of e-liquid get it without nicotine. Standard strengths of the nicotine accessible in vape juice are as follows:

  • No nicotine – 0mg
  • Low – 8mg
  • Medium – 11mg
  • High – 16mg
  • Extra high – 24mg

Level of nicotine depends on the tolerance of the users. It varies person to person. For instance, if you are one of the people who have been heavy smokers and now switched to vaping; then you may choose to have higher nicotine concentration. However, if you have been passive smoker; you will prefer to have lower nicotine concentration. It is always suggested to see anc check the strength that will be perfect for you. 

Once again it is worth stating that if you are a new bie to vaping, then it is best to buy vape juice online. It is indeed the easiest and best way to buy vape juice online.

Vape Juice Flavors: 

When it is about vaping, flavors are essential constituents. As soon as you will find the perfect setup, another hunt to find the all-day vaping flavor begins. You would want to have a flavor that you will not get tired of regardless of how much you vape. However finding the best vape juice flavors is not an easy task. It is because there are many flavors to be sorted. 

However we have sorted out the best vape juice flavors underlined. They are briefly discussed as follows:


Dessert vape juices light up every meal one enjoys. Some of the most wanted dessert vape flavors include custards, donuts, pies, icecream, cheesecake, and cookies etc and the list goes on. Your favorite dessert may be waiting for you in some bottle to be discovered. 


Can a meal be completed without a drink? Most wanted drink flavors include the strawberry milk, and coffeeetc. Other includes the juice, tea, whiskey, soda, and variety of other cocktails. You can have different one depending on your choice.


Fruit based vape flavors are accessible too. Couple of most favorite fruits flavors includes the water melon and strawberry. They not only add to the sweetness to the vaping mix but also they have their own specific characteristics. Some of this taste exactly like the natural fresh fruits while other taste more like candies. Other fruit flavors include apple, pineapple, banana, grape, peach, berries, mangoes, and citrus fruits. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram


E-liquid usually focus on drinks, candy, tobacco, and deserts however main course is accessible as well. Have you ever thought of inhaling a cereal or a French toast? Yes you can enjoy the food flavors even bacon. Others include the pancakes, cereal, and so on. 


These vape juices enjoy their own class. They amuse their users with cooling sensation that one gets from these flavors. They range from cool mint to icy blast. If you are switching from menthol cigarettes then you must enjoy tons of these chilling flavors like spearmint, menthol tobacco, and straight menthol. 


This is the flavor which one gets first hand. Most of the former smokers prefer to have it due to familiar taste of tobacco. Why they should think of having tobacco flavor? First of all because these are better and you will not get taste of burnt tobacco. They range from sweet to light ones. Last but not the least, tobacco flavor e-juice keeps the people off the cigarettes. They not only capture the spirit of fresh tobacco but at times also enhance the additional flavorings.

So now when you know the best vape juice flavors you should opt to buy vape juice online. It is easiest ways of buying vape juice. You will be sitting in front of your computer screen and will browse through various sites offering these vape juice flavors. See and compare the prices and flavors and then decide to buy from one the platforms offering best ones for you. We at Cloud City Vapes NC, have a range of these vaped juices. You will be amused with the quality and the flavors we have for you. Have ultimate experience with our vape juices.

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