Pack in Diverse Experiences Into Your Overnight Stay in Abu Dhabi

The capital of the UAE is not a city that you should only experience for a short time as it offers numerous adventure opportunities. However, if you will just be stopping by in the midst of a business trip, do not miss the chance to explore even only a few of its many offerings.

Stay in Abu Dhabi

It doesn’t matter what day or time of the week you get here. You can be sure that there are amazing things to experience during your stay. But, first things first — get yourself a convenient accommodation. Find yourself an Abu Dhabi airport transit hotel. Such accommodation will provide you with not just a comfortable place to sleep at night but also a host of luxurious services. 

If you wish to relax for a few hours upon your arrival, the best airport hotels have amenities to meet your requirements. Some of the city’s best eats are at these hotels, too. You can enjoy a hearty meal to rejuvenate your strength. Afterward, you can lounge by the pool and catch some morning sunlight. And, if you want to chill your mind and body a bit more, there’s usually a licensed bar at the hotel where you can get a beer or cocktail.

If you require help looking for activities to fill your limited time in Abu Dhabi, the hotel will be more than willing to inform you about the different experiences that you can squeeze into your itinerary. They can even book these for you if you want. 

Venturing Out

When you are done enjoying the comfortable luxury of your hotel a few hours after your arrival, head out to the city for a bit of fun. Listed below are five of Abu Dhabi’s famous attractions and activities to do in them:

1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This is the largest mosque in the country. And, while it’s intended as a place of worship for people of the Islamic faith, it is also an architectural wonder.

Marvel at the gorgeous tilework of the ceilings, floors, and walls of the mosque. Likewise, inspect the intricate design for the doors and windows. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a place of grandeur, and coming here will surely be an experience to remember.

2. The Louvre Abu Dhabi

If you are an art and history enthusiast, your short stay in the capital should include a tour of The Louvre. This museum houses a vast collection of various works of art, which include world-famous paintings and sculptures.

Apart from the different exhibits within the museum, its structure is worth observing carefully as well. It boasts both intricate modern and traditional architectural designs. A walk through the halls and courtyard is a visual treat too! 

3. Abu Dhabi desert

One of the most popular activities for tourists visiting Abu Dhabi is exploring the great desert, and there are different ways to do so. But, if you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure, sign up for a dune bashing experience. This is particularly fun if you are going with a group of friends.

Speed through the sand dunes of the Abu Dhabi desert in a 4×4. The dunes are like nature’s own roller coaster ride. You will get an unforgettable thrill as expert drivers take the 4×4 through the steep inclines and jaw-dropping dips of the dunes. And, if you wish to stay in the desert until the setting of the sun, sign up for one of those desert safari tour packages that pair dune bashing with a festive evening banquet at a Bedouin camp.

4. Yas Island

Yas Island is a cornucopia of exciting activities, and there are three theme parks here: Warner Bros. World™ Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld, and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. You can easily choose the one that fits your liking. But, even if you are not keen on the rides, the water attractions, and other adventures the island offers, you can still expect to have a good time here.

You can just walk around Yas Mall to find things you might fancy. And, when the day gets unbearably hot for you, Yas Island is only about 15 to 20 minutes away from your Abu Dhabi airport hotel via taxi or bus.

5. Saadiyat Beach Club

The weekend brunches at Saadiyat Beach Club are popular among locals and holiday-makers. You get an extensive spread of perfectly cooked dishes from around the globe. But, even better,  is the view you get while you’re enjoying brunch.

The panoramic view of the azure sea, combined with all the action that the club witnesses on the daily, is just spectacular. So, come here perhaps on the day of your departure from the city. Make brunch at Saadiyat Beach Club the conclusion to your short stay.

Come Back for a Longer Stay

It’s a shame if your stay in Abu Dhabi is limited to only 24 to 36 hours. This will only allow you to scratch the surface of what the UAE’s capital has to offer visitors — even if you plan your itinerary ever so carefully.

These are just five of the highly recommended activities and places to visit in Abu Dhabi. But, if you have some extra time to burn, do check out the souks and even the local malls, especially if you want to procure souvenirs of your shortstop in the capital of the UAE. 

Or, why not go on a nature-centered activity. A local organization that is dedicated to the protection of the environment offers a delightful selection of nature adventures in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. You can join everything, from their kayaking trips in the mangroves to their trail runs (which starts at 5:30 in the morning) and even desert escape rooms.

Hopefully, in the future, you will get to stay much longer and have your trip around November to April when the weather’s much nicer. Plus, from winter to early spring, there are a lot of local events to look forward to. You can take part in these events, meet new people, see fresh attractions, and really get the most out of your stay in Abu Dhabi.

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