Proper Care for Your Senior Dog

Singapore is a prosperous city-state in Southeast Asia that was once a British colony. It is now described as one of the continent’s economic tigers, being a booming financial hub.

The country is known for its strict laws and conservatism, and it prides itself on its security and stability. Around half of the Singaporeans are wealthy, with at least S$147,400 to their name. Five per cent of the Singaporeans belong to the wealthiest one per cent of people in the world. These people have at least S$1.26 million to their name.

With that in mind, many Singaporeans can own a high-maintenance pet, such as a dog. In 2017, there were approximately 42,000 dog owners in the country.

Proper Care for Your Senior Dog

Owning a dog is not an easy task. It can be compared to raising a child when it comes to expenses and attention that you need to provide. Your pet expenses may increase as they grow, and you will be spending more once they have reached their senior years.

Senior dogs need more care and attention to make them feel comfortable in their remaining years. You can always buy some special items for your old dog in an online pet store in Singapore to keep them happy, well-nourished, and help them extend their life for some extra years more.

So, how do you provide care for your aging dog?

Keep their teeth healthy 

Dental hygiene is vital to an aging dog. Professional cleaning and regular brushing can keep them from having painful dental problems. However, if your dog hesitates when being brushed, you may use dental toys and treats instead.

Maintain your dog’s healthy diet 

Older dogs usually have eating issues, including chewing problems, digestive difficulties, obesity, and decrease in appetite. Ask your vet regarding the appropriate exercise and diet routine for your elderly dog. Changes in their diet may include increasing the dog’s fibre intake to help digestion or cutting the carbohydrates to regulate proper weight. The dog may also take supplements like Omega-3 and glucosamine to relieve joint pains.

Keep your dog’s mind and body active 

Like humans, senior dogs are having difficulties doing the physical activities that they have been doing, and this is because of the pain they feel around their bodies. However, it is still vital for them to exercise for their well-being.

You can bring your dog for a short walk and observe your pet’s gait and breathing to ensure that everything is alright. Moreover, buy your dog some stimulating toys like food puzzles, that you can buy from an online pet store in Singapore, to exercise its brain.

Make your home suitable for your aging dog 

An aging dog may have a hard time moving around your home, so you need to give your aging friend with special accommodation. For dogs who are suffering from joint issues or hip dysplasia, you may install a custom staircase or ramp so they can go to your bed or get in the car.

Keep their water and food in places where they can reach easily, especially if your dog has vision problems. Give your pet a heated bed to soothe their painful joints. You may also install non-slip surfaces to help your senior dog.

There are some of the things that you can do to keep your dog happy in its senior years. It may require a little more work, but providing care for a long-term friend is a rewarding experience.

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