What If Your Pup Hates the Taste of CBD Oil for Dogs

The popularity of CBD oil throughout the countries that have legalized its use is on the increase. People use it for various reasons. Some of the primary purposes are to fight anxiety, insomnia, and other sleep disorders, but that’s not all.

CBD is recognized as an excellent way to fight some rare types of epilepsy as well. The FDA approved Hemp-based drugs to help combat these illnesses. Cannabidiol acts as a sedative, but mild. It can reduce the stress levels and help you settle down.

Considering how incredible this oil is, it’s no wonder people are doing all they can to expand its use in even more fields. That’s why the CBD industry for pets has been developed as well. Your loving furry buddies can suffer from the same diseases humans do. Logically, the treatments are, more or less, the same.

If your pup is stressed-up or overly excited, you may want to consider using CBD oil and other products to calm your dog down. You should check out the post right here and see how this oil can help them to calm down. But this compound can also help owners to bring ease to their pups suffering all kinds of diseases.

The Taste of CBD Oil

The benefits of CBD oil for human and animals is a thing out of the question. It is best to use it in its pure form because it then achieves full effect in a short time. But, the taste of this product is not something that everyone should like.

Dogs have a much more pronounced sense of smell than humans. The curiosity is that they recognize fewer flavors than you do. Yet, their taste buds know bitterness, which is the main flavor of cannabidiol-based oils. And most pups are not happy with that taste, especially if they are consuming this product for the first time.

Administering CBD oil to picky dogs can be a problem. But nothing is unsolvable. Do not force oral application. It will only create a counter-effect. You just need to be creative and patient until your four-legged friend gets used to the new taste.

Be Smarter Than Your Pup

Not all pets will swallow anything you try to give them. So their parents are trying their best to find the most suitable way of administering cannabidiol oil. Some methods require patience and skills, while others can be less demanding. It all depends on your dog.

Some dogs will allow you to pour cannabidiol oil drops directly onto their tongue, while others won’t have it that way. If your pup belongs to the group of the ones that don’t mind taking the oil orally – you’re in luck. But if you’re dealing with a picky dog, you’ll have to find a different approach.

Mix CBD Oil with Foods

The first thought is to mix the cannabidiol oil with your dog’s meal. Just pour the required dose in the food bowl and let your pup eat. Mixing it with dry food may not be the solution since the dry kibble won’t absorb the liquid as easy as with would be with a cooked meal.

You must keep in mind the meal temperature. If you cook food for your dog or give them what you eat, the meal should not be hot. Wait for it to cool; then add cannabidiol. At high temperatures, this compound loses its healing properties.

But if you adhere to the rules described below, you can prepare homemade meals with cannabidiol for your four-legged friend:


Pour It in Yogurt or Milk

It might seem like an excellent idea. But pouring CBD into pure water will probably not bring positive results. It will be much easier for dogs to taste and smell the oil within the water than they can in the food. But if you give milk or yogurt to your pup, their aromas will perfectly hide the bitterness of cannabidiol.

Put CBD on Soft Chews

If your pet has favorite treats, you may want to try and put several drops of oil on them. But you have to be fast. Don’t put the soft chew right in front of the pup’s nose. Remember, they smell everything. As soon as your furry buddy opens the mouth, put the CBD-infused treat inside.

The Manufacturers Thought of Everything

Seeing that the administering process can be mission impossible for many dog owners, manufacturers of hemp-based products come up with a solution. Today, you can find various pet foods and treats containing cannabidiol. Thus, you will not have to come up with new ways of administering CBD if your dogs do not want it.

There are plenty of options available. Most pups like snacks, whether they’re dry treats or meaty, soft chewables. Buying CBD-laced treats will help you overcome the issue of giving the required dose of cannabidiol to your dog. Or you can make home-made CBD snacks for your pupper.

Take Care of the Amount

Dogs will love cannabidiol-infused treats as they like any other treats and food. CBD snacks for pets contain extra flavors, like bacon, smoked salmon, and similar aromas. Their purpose is to make these products tastier for your pup. You just have to buy those that your furry buddy prefers. After all, no one else knows your dog better than you do.

You can only consider the use of these treats if you have a mild illness or when you need CBD for prevention. If your dog needs a higher dose of cannabidiol because of the severity of the disease, pure CBD oil is the best solution. Treats simply do not contain enough concentration of this cannabinoid to help your pet.

If nothing works, you can always ask your vet for advice on how to administer cannabidiol to your pet. Don’t give up on both the oil and your dog because your beloved pet refuses this product. These animals can be stubborn, but you’re doing this for their good. Things will go smoother once you break the ice with cannabidiol-based oils.

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