Questions to Ask About a Dog Boarding Facility

Dog owners aren’t always permitted to bring their dogs wherever they please. Sometimes, the place they’re going to won’t allow dogs or animals inside the premises. The owner has no choice but to leave their dogs at home. Dogs that have separation anxiety can’t handle being alone without their owner or anyone to take care of them. It’s also dangerous to leave them home alone because they might cause damage to the house due to increased anxiety levels.

Dog Boarding Facility

Instead of leaving them home alone, dog owners can leave them at a dog hotel. No need to contact inexperienced relatives to take care of your dog because there are highly trained dog caretakers in these hotels. There are also many benefits a hotel for dogs can give, which is why most dog owners prefer to do this.

What happens in a dog boarding facility? 

A dog boarding facility works like a usual hotel where people can stay. A dog hotel also has the same amenities, such as meals, entertainment areas, and different accommodation options. Owners can expect their dogs to be exceptionally well taken care of thanks to the highly-skilled staff. Dogs are also given luxe treatment, such as eating two premium meals every day or playing fetch with the staff members to give dogs their much-needed exercise.

Why go for a dog boarding facility? 

Sometimes, dogs can be mischievous when left at home alone. When owners come back, they are shocked to see pieces of furniture ripped apart, curtains damaged, flower pots destroyed, and wood chewed out. These happen because no one is there to supervise or reprimand their actions, so they are free to do whatever they like. Whereas with a dog hotel, there are fewer chances of them getting into trouble because staff are constantly looking out for them.

Will the dog fit in with the others?

An experienced staff knows where to place new dogs with other dogs by matching their size, personality, and temperament. Once these factors are determined, your dogs won’t have trouble fitting in with other dogs because they perfectly match together both mentally and physically. With dog hotels, you can guarantee that your dog is in safe hands.

Will the dog feel at home? 

The main responsibilities of dog hotels are to ensure they are pampered, taken care of, and loved by many. Some dogs cannot continue their day without seeing their owner. The dog hotel staff makes sure the dogs get the same love and treatment from their owners. Since there are different accommodation options for dogs, owners can choose the most expensive form of service. Their dogs would get beds topped with a nice blanket and daily turndown services ensure the room stays clean and fresh.

Are dog hotels completely safe?

All dog hotels guarantee owners that their dogs are taken care of all the time. All facility areas have dog safety features such as fences, padded stairs, and daily sanitised rooms. And for dogs that stay in a room with other dogs, staff carefully group them to prevent any fights or quarrels.

Let your dog feel the same love and attention by letting them stay in a dog hotel. After you come back from your trip, expect a happy, well-taken care of, and excited dog when they see you again.

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