Why Reviews Should Matter to Your Business

We have all come across reviews online. In fact, for many of us, online reviews are one of the most important sources of information we have to help us decide whether to purchase a product or not.

Trust and Accountability

Consumers who are considering using your business will no doubt feel much safer doing so if they can read some reviews beforehand. When it’s hard to find reviews for a business, there aren’t many people willing to take a risk, something which startup businesses have to contend with frequently. On the other hand, if customers can find a wealth of information, including testimonials, they will feel more inclined to trust you.


For example, if a customer is on the lookout for dental insurance, they are more likely to go with a company that can back up their claims with reviews. These Fep Blue Dental Reviews are a perfect example. If you couldn’t find any reviews of an insurance company, you wouldn’t be certain your money was safe.

Note that reviews do not have to be glowing to be of use for you – we willcover the feedback aspect of them in more detail further down. But setting that aside, even a mixed or negative review (as long as its not too eviscerating of course) will still prove beneficial to you. If it doesn’t generate a sale, it can still generateSEO, and raise awareness of your brand.

The Basis of a Partnership

An excellent way of forming long term partnerships with blogs and websites who operate in a similar space to you, and whom you can form a mutually beneficial arrangement with, is to offer them free samples of your products to be reviewed. Under such an arrangement, you will send them free samples of any products you release, and they will provide you with a review.

Note that, while you can pay some services for a positive review, this is not worth doing. For one thing, it becomes quite clear when this is the case. Before long, all those glowing reviews will sit aside furious complaints from customers who feel duped. As mentioned above, even a mixed review is of use to you.

Invaluable Feedback

Not all the reviews you receive will be glowing. Even if your product is the best it can be, there is no accounting for individual taste. You should therefore make peace with the fact that you will have to stomach some negative feedback. In some cases, this feedback will stem from considerations beyond your control. However, where feedback is reasonable and you can act on it, you should seek to do so. A good idea is a good idea, no matter where it comes from.

Marketing Opportunities

Marketing is one of the hardest business arts to truly master. Customer reviews should always feature in your marketing efforts. An advert will resonate much more strongly with viewers if it features some quotes or testimonials from actual customers. This is much more convincing than having the business itself tell you that a product is worth buying.

So, there you have it! Product reviews are too valuable a resource for the modern business to overlook. If you haven’t made them a core part of your marketing campaigns, ask yourself why!

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