Selling Your Home and Downsizing

Lifestyle television shows are now filled with programs that show you couples relocating and buying new homes. Some couples purchase larger homes to fit their growing families while others sell their old homes to purchase a smaller house and land packages in Sydney. The home downsizing movement is becoming more and more popular, and here are the reasons why:


Downsizing makes you less materialistic. When switching to a smaller home, you will be left with a smaller space to store everything you have accumulated over the years. Downsizing will make you decide which stuff is important to you and which ones you can let go of. In downsizing your home, you are preventing your stuff from owning you. 

Downsizing lets you save on home costs. By lessening your living space, you are saving more on the monthly cost of maintaining your home. You will pay significantly less for a mortgage and utilities. To visually see the amount you will save, divide the amount you pay monthly with your existing home with its total square footage. That is the cost of living in your current home per square feet. Now multiply this amount with the square footage of a smaller home that is just right for you and compute the difference in costs. When you downsize your home, the amount you will save on your housing cost can be utilised to other things, such as travelling and kids’ education. 

The biggest expense every homeowner has is home maintenance. Downsizing your home doesn’t mean that you can no longer afford a larger home; it just means that you are switching your priorities and spending more on yourself than your house. 

If you are in the Eastern Australian region and want to try downsizing your home, there are many house and land packages in Sydney to choose from.

Once you’ve decided to relocate to a smaller home, the new decision you have to make is selling your home. Selling your home may be very stressful, especially if it is your first time. So, to successfully sell your home, you must consider the following:

Hiring a realtor or not. The moment you decide to sell your house, you should also consider whether you will hire a realtor. A realtor will make it easier to sell your home because of their experience in the real estate industry. Realtors would get a commission on your home’s sale. You can try to sell your home by yourself first to maximise the amount that you can get from it before considering hiring a realtor. You can do some research on the net and find flippers for house and lot packages in Sydney to help you sell your home faster.

  1. The next thing to consider in selling your house is its pricing. Your house will sell fast if the buyer feels that you are giving them a fair deal. However, you should not put a very low price on your house just for it to sell. Remember that you will need the maximum amount that you can get. Check the home values in your area to determine the price ranges of similar properties and then price your home based on the price index plus a little extra for a haggling buffer. 

Repairs and clean up. While there are house buyers to purchase your house as-is, making repairs and cleaning up your house will command a higher price. If repairs to be done are minor, paying for the repairs or doing the repairs yourself will prove to be a worthwhile investment. The major clean up areas are the tiles and carpet. Repainting your house can be expensive, but it will increase its price when you are ready to sell it.

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