Six Interesting Ways to Use Whiteboard Marker

Dry erase markers are indispensable tools in classrooms, business establishments, offices, and other places that use whiteboards. Teachers use them to write down important notes. Business managers use them to stress key points in their presentations.

Nonetheless, did you know that whiteboard pens are so versatile that anybody can use them even without a whiteboard? To give you an idea, here are several fun things you can do using your good old reliable whiteboard marker:

Whiteboard Marker

Bathroom Mirror Notes

You can use a dry erase marker to leave notes of gratitude or encouragement on the bathroom mirror for your spouse or loved one to brighten up his/her day. Try using whiteboard pens in bright colours to make your message pop.

Imagine how your partner will feel when he/she steps inside the bathroom for a shower and reads your heartfelt message. The gesture will surely help brighten up your loved one’s day and yours too. Studies show that handwritten notes of appreciation can boost positive feelings and enhance the overall wellbeing of both the recipient of the message and the person who wrote it.

Kitchen Labels

Use a whiteboard pen to label your leftovers or other food items in the fridge or freezer. Writing the content and the date when you store them on the lid or body of the container will help you determine which from among the frozen items you have are still safe for consumption.

Apart from labelling your frozen foods, you can also use whiteboard pens to label your kitchen containers so that you know what items you have on the cabinet at a glance. If you need to use a container for another food item, you can simply wipe off the label and write a new one.

Reusable Notecard

Are you fond of creating to-do lists daily? If so, minimize your paper consumption by covering a notecard with plastic or by laminating it. Use a skinny whiteboard pen to write your to-do list. Once you are done completing the items on your list, you can simply erase it and write a new one. Imagine how much paper you can save by making use of dry erase markers.

Inspiration Board

Transform your room mirror into an inspiration board using whiteboard pens. Write down inspiring quotations by people you admire. You can also write yourself an uplifting message to keep you going.

Words are powerful. They feed your mind and influence your behaviour. Reading inspiring messages every time you use the mirror can boost your spirit and keep you motivated.

Windshield Monitor

Keep track of your mileage or the date of your next oil change or car service by writing these key details on your windshield using a fine-tip whiteboard pen. You can place a small plastic sticker in the corner of your windshield and use it as a writing space if you are uncomfortable writing on the glass directly. When you do this trick, you can immediately check car-related information without exerting time and effort trying to find your notes.

Custom Picture Frames

Personalize and make your framed pictures more fun by drawing or writing messages on the glass. You can draw a Christmas tree on your family picture during the Christmas season or write birthday greetings on the pictures of birthday celebrants. Wipe off to change whenever you feel like it.

The items described above clearly show that a whiteboard marker has many uses apart from being a writing tool on a whiteboard. Invest in high-quality dry erase markers in various colours and discover more ways to use them to make your daily life fun and exciting.

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