Solar Panels are Worth the Cost Because of their Value

The case for solar power as the way of the future is still relevant as green energy is growing in popularity. Solar panels are an eco-friendly source of power that is renewable, clean and requires little maintenance. It’s an alternative option to natural gas, but green as it is, the cost is a common factor for those considering solar panels. The good news is that there are budget-friendly solar panel options available on the market that will provide great value for your money. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of solar energy and why your money is well spent on a solar panel installation.

Solar Panels Lower Energy Bills


If energy-saving is something that you want to achieve, solar panels are known for their ability to lower energy costs significantly. Savings are dependent on several factors that include location and climate, the number of solar panels installed and the level of energy it produces, as well as consume. More sunlight on the panels amounts to more energy and will, in turn, cut energy costs. According to SolarReviews, in 2018, the monthly solar savings for the average San Diego home was an estimated $127.84. If that sounds like a better deal than the amount you are paying for electricity, then there is value in solar panels.

Boost Home Value


A feature of a home that can increase its value is a big plus, and solar panels can do just that for individuals looking to sell real estate. Solar panels tend to be viewed as an upgrade when installed on a home, which is appealing and can impact the home’s value. Based on a study carried out by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, on average, solar panels raise the value of a home by about $15,000, or to put things into perspective, roughly $4 per watt of solar power. It’s important to keep in mind that electricity rates and solar panel system size could affect the premium. Homebuyers who are looking for energy-efficient homes, or are more eco-friendly in their lifestyle tend to appreciate solar homes.


The Environmental Benefit of Solar Panels


The plea to reduce carbon footprint is something that environmentalists are adamant about. One of the benefits of solar panels is the positive impact that it has on the environment by minimizing carbon footprint. Solar energy is clean, renewable energy that is sourced from the sun and is arguably the best alternative to tackling greenhouse gas emissions, like carbon dioxide and decreasing fossil fuel usage. Natural gas, which is commonly used to generate traditional electricity, contributes to water and air pollution, while solar power has little or no need for water to generate energy. The environmental benefits of solar panels make it worth the cost.


The cost of solar panels can weigh on a buyer’s mind, but it’s important to do due diligence and establish how it fits into your plan. Looking at the benefits of solar panels, as its value can help to justify making an investment in the renewable energy source. Reduce energy bills, an increase in home value and an environment that sees less carbon footprint are all impactful benefits that solar panel provides. Ultimately, solar panel cost is justified by its value.

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