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Every year the number of sports fans increases. And thus, the popularity of sports betting enjoys steady growth. Unfortunately, sometimes the sports bettors do not have a competent approach to such an issue as making predictions. As a result, they face the loss of funds. Sport predictions are relevant data that is regularly updated and provided for each user in an open mode.

The secrets of accurate predictions

A detailed analysis of the match is the only secret to a successful sports prediction. Making a competent prediction is a rather challenging task. For this purpose, it is important to be well versed in specific sports disciplines and to constantly follow the emerging information about the life of athletes and their teams on our website.

In addition to the properly chosen strategy and allocation of money, bettors need to carry out a competent analysis of sporting events. Most beginners in the betting realm do not want to get acquainted with such important data for some reason.

Today it is easy to get information that is important for prediction and betting. Each option has certain advantages and disadvantages. It is better to use several data collection approaches at the same time to make the most truthful prediction:

  1. Studies of statistical data.
  2. Analysis of sports factors.
  3. Monitoring of the odds dynamics.


Our professional experts combine all the methods, so the predictions for all sports games, which are published on the website, are true and up-to-date.

Who makes sports predictions?

Professional analysts are the ones who prepare predictions on soccer, hockey, basketball, and tennis. Their main task is to find promising bets and high odds. After that, they need to assume a winning outcome for a certain team.

Match analytics at Scores24 is publicly available for everyone and is free of charge. This approach helps increase the relevance and popularity of the predictions even more.

It is not necessary to follow the experts’ recommendations, you can bet at your own discretion. The experience has proven that our experts make 75% of correct predictions. And it makes no sense to talk about luck in this situation, as a large number of factors are taken into account to achieve such a result. The above-mentioned factors include the following:

  • physical fitness of the team players;
  • emotional component;
  • motivation;
  • the ranking of opponents in the standings;
  • number of matches won and lost;
  • history of games over the past 2-3 years;
  • injuries, disqualifications, and substitutions.

Free sports predictions are quite successful because our experts analyze and study the complex of all these points every day. You can verify the correctness of our forecasts by going to and comparing our analysts’ assumptions with the results of completed matches.

What information can be found in the prediction?

Each sports forecast for a particular sports discipline includes the following data:

  1. Basic data about the current tournament in which the confrontations take place. We pay special attention to the start date of the game. This is important for those bettors who place sports bets in live mode and set up notifications through a special mobile application on the smartphone.
  2. The results of games in previous seasons. They play the main role in making predictions on the upcoming event.
  3. Information about the team roster and data about each athlete.
  4. What the score of the previous head-to-head meetings of the opponents was.

In addition to predictions, schedules, and a list of safe bookmakers, we offer bettors information on how to gamble correctly and what direction to move in order to learn how to make their own predictions for their favorite team.

In this case, they will need:

  • guess what result the game may end with;
  • determine the odds for the next game;
  • set the financial limit.


It is possible to calculate the winnings on our website in the “Announcements” section. All bettors need to do is to enter the important data in the table provided. Haste is not appropriate in making independent bets. For beginners, it is necessary, first of all, to rely on the bettor’s knowledge. The information provided to them can help make the most successful bets.

What else is required to consider when making predictions?

The surest way to increase the practicability of sports predictions is to conduct a thorough analysis of the statistics of opponents before the game. Despite the fact that collecting the necessary data takes a long and meticulous process, if used correctly, the practicability of predictions significantly increases.

The most important thing is to collect the information that relates to the upcoming match. The analysis should be conducted comprehensively and no aspects should be ignored. The following indicators are taken into account during the process of making predictions based on statistical data:

  • how many goals were scored in matches won and lost;
  • what the score of the previous meetings was;
  • the number of unofficial meetings;
  • the density of games in one season;
  • personal relationships between team members;
  • injuries and disqualifications;
  • the general spirit in the teams;
  • relationship between players and the coach.


Based on the above data, bettors can make successful predictions on various types of sports disciplines.

Scores24 is a portal where bettors can find out interesting information from the world of sports, and also develop their intuitive skills, communicate with experienced players, and follow the games of current championships online. The interface of the website is designed so that each user can find the necessary information with just a few clicks. If there are any difficulties in the website operation, users can contact the support service, which operates around the clock.

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