Survival Tips for the Globetrotters of the World

There are two types of people in the world. First are the people who are living their best life by constantly going out for trips. The second, are the ones who take pleasure in spending their lifetime through the comforts of their homes. By the way, there is completely nothing wrong with which party you belong in.

The only thing is when you’re in and about going to locations you’ve never been before, you’re at higher risk. People have accidents in their own abode from time to time, and that is somewhere they’re distinctly familiar. How much more with a place where you’re completely foreign? Let alone filled with people you had no previous contact with. We might not like to hear it, but traveling does gamble your security.

At times like this, the weird saying “Better paranoid than dead” is quite relevant. You can read more about it here. Have you ever watched those films where the concept was a bunch of explorers getting lost during their trip? People do tend to gravitate towards camping in forests because first of all, they’re cheaper. But the only downside to this is when your sense of direction is terrible. I guess in this case, people who wander did get lost.

Before feeling the sudden rush of heading out the door with your backpack, you might need to do your study. Doing some research on survival tips on the internet can be really beneficial when worst comes to worst. I mean, who are you? Dora? Do you think the worst-case scenario is Swiper?

You don’t have a map that can sing you a song to point to your destination. And you obviously don’t have a purple singing backpack that magically has everything you need. What you need is common sense. We have provided a few survival tips below to help you prolong your existence.

1. Remain calm

The initial move you should make when you fathom the gnarly situation you’re in is to keep yourself together. I know in the midst of crisis our original reaction would be is to panic. Who wouldn’t lose their heads when they’re lost in the woods and with no immediate supplies?  But this is not the time to panic at the disco. If you want to survive you need to maintain a positive mindset.

You might think this isn’t as vital as making shelter, finding water, and scraping for food. But just imagine when you snap the minute you realize your life is on the line. You might not be able to live long enough to even need the shelter and whatnot that you’re so worried about.

Keep in mind, whether you get out alive or not highly depends on you. Conditioning both your physical and mental state is critical in combating whatever this exhaustive journey throws at you. One abrupt and stupid decision can end your pathetic life toot sweet. In short, stay sane and stay rational.

2. Build shelter

The second course of action after devising a realistic plan and doing inventory is to build a shelter. This tip is obviously for people who did not bring any means of protection from elements. I mean, for all we know you went into groups and got separated along the way. In cases wherein the tent was with your friend then you’re one unfortunate soul.

Being out in the open makes you vulnerable to heatstroke or hypothermia. Both are nasty, so I highly suggest doing something before it comes to that. Take note the heat can kill you in a day. While it’s a partner in crime, the cold can kill you in a matter of hours. In total, you’ve got about three hours to survive without shelter (

Taming Mother Nature is a wild ride. But why be against it when you can be one with nature? After all, you’ll be getting all your resources from the ground. At moments like this it’s important to remember that before civilization took place, ancient people do this all the time. They build homes from vegetation and sticks and leave when the location no longer serves them.

If they can do it why can’t you? Remember it’s all about surviving, you don’t need to make a fancy hut. Just something that can protect you at the time being. The smaller it is the better. Since you obviously don’t have a freaking heater with you the only source of warmth you’ll get is body heat.

3. Search for water

The human body is composed of sixty percent of water. The fact that it’s the biggest constituent in order for our systems to function properly, makes it a big deal. Getting lost in the woods with no source of clean water is extremely infuriating. It will make you regret all those times you took bottled water for granted. Even a well-raved lip balm can’t save you now from getting chapped lips.

When you’ve gone out to the wilderness, I’ll take it that you brought drinking water with you. If not then you’re stupid. You’re just setting yourself out to die. In most cases, you’ve taken a sizeable water bottle or jug with you. It might not be on a large scale but it can buy you some time to find a clean source.

On the extreme, you can last up to three weeks without food. But without water? You can end up like a dried-out fish in less than three days max. So get your priorities straight and find uncontaminated water as soon as possible. You can have all the knowledge about SurvivalMethods and all the equipment. But without this commodity, it will all be futile.

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