Ten Foods Which Are A No For Any Athlete

Being a fit and healthy athlete is not an easy task. Along with good performance, you also need to focus on various points. For example, you are not free to eat everything. This list contains information about five foods that you must avoid as an athlete. You can share the information with lots of other people next time you have a gaming live stream on Twitch or upload a post on your social media for help and guidance purposes.

healthy athleteReduce sports drink intake

It is the athlete’s desire and requirement to stay hydrated, but this doesn’t mean that you can intake sports drinks any time you want. For a sportsman running for above an hour or performing exercise for more than an hour, a sports drink is suitable but only in a limited amount. If you want to stay well hydrated, the best thing is to drink green tea. Moreover, you may use plain water or fresh juices to stay fresh, active, and hydrated.

  • Don’t go for sodas

If you are a soda lover, let me tell you that soda is nothing but a high-calorie food item. It is empty of nutrients or anything beneficial for your body. It is filled with sugars. A twelve-ounce soda can contains almost ten teaspoons of sugars. This makes your stomach full but harms your body.

Moreover, soda drinks contain compounds that can drain out important minerals and vitamins such as calcium from your body. As a substitute to these harmful factory-made soda drinks, you can go for fresh mint and citrus fruits drinks that will instantly bring freshness to your body. You may also search for other instant juices that will not boost your energy levels instantly or artificially but will freshen up your brain and body.

  • Say no to protein barsĀ 

Using protein bars is so common these days people think these instant sources of energy are not harmful to your body, which is wrong. The reason is that these instant energy source items are prepared in factories with the addition of many chemicals. They surely are not good for your body. One can say that even a handful of nuts is much better than consuming these protein bars if you are in real need of getting some energy.

Moreover, excess of anything is bad. Likewise, consuming an excess of the protein which is present in the protein bars also, is not good for your health. It will lead to developing stones in your kidney, which means that rather than getting energy, you will get into trouble. Also, protein bars can lead to different diseases, including heart diseases and obesity disorders.

  • Stay away from trans fats

We all are very well aware that trans fat is not at all good for our body. It will just lead to obesity accompanied by various other health issues. If you consume fatty food, the hydrogenated vegetable oils will increase the bad cholesterol levels and decrease the good cholesterol level. Also, these food components will cause a problem for your heart. So, if you want to be a good performer as an athlete, it is essential to stay away from trans fats and adopt the habit of eating healthy food. This may include seafood, avocados, nuts, and many other options.

  • Monitor your carbohydrates

Many people say that having a good amount of carbohydrates will provide you with excessive energy. But this doesn’t seem right, and you need to understand that excessive intake of carbs will harm your body only. Ensure that you are intaking only a required amount of carbohydrates that is sufficient to fulfill your body’s needs.

Thus, it is essential for everyone, including the athletes, to get a suitable food portion. Moreover, people must monitor their carbohydrates level after and before meals. Ensure that you are properly paying attention to your food’s digestion so that it doesn’t start accumulating as excess fat on your body.

To wrap it up

We all want to stay fit and healthy, but for this reason, your body demands good care from you. So make sure that you note down to cut off or limit the consumption of these five things. Moreover, make sure that you give good time to practice, eat healthy food, and properly rest; this way, you will surely succeed.

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