Things You Should Have in Your Car at All Times

Safety comes first…

  1. Things You Should Have in Your Car at All Times
  2. A First Aid Kit:

It takes less than a second to get into an accident… you never know when or how you’ll end up in a position to need a first aid kit. Plus, we always want to abide by the law and avoid unnecessary tickets, and traffic rules are there for a reason.

  1. A Flashlight:

Think about how much fun it is to change a tire at night without using a flashlight… These maintenance situations hit the most experienced drivers. And it won’t hurt to keep an extra pair of batteries along with the flashlight.

  1. Reflective Triangles:

If you’re pulled off to the side of the highway, let’s not leave it to mere luck that no reckless truck driver crashes into you.

  1. A Car Hammer:

This small tool can save you! You might not have the strength of the tools about you when you need to break the car window and escape in case of emergency. And did you know that most car hammers come with a seatbelt cutter tool? This combination can save your life.

Always keep your documents with you…

  1. The Owner’s Manual:

Always check your glove compartment for your car manual and make sure it’s there; you never know when you might need it; it will give you important information, for instance, the recommended fuel and PSI levels of your car.

It comes with the car, so if you simply never take it out, you will never wonder where it is.

  1. Repair Information and Insurance:

Any buyer who comes along the way will need to view car repair papers, plus, any traffic policeman might ask you for your insurance papers.

  1. License and Registration:

You should always keep your license and registration in the car whenever you are driving it. Plus, make sure whenever you renew your insurance papers to keep the new ones in the car with the registration in case a police officer asks for them; you don’t want to get yourself in trouble.

Let’s hope you won’t be pulled over, but the is the law and we have to abide by it and have these documents while driving and keeping everything up-to-date.

The list of papers to keep in your glove compartment:

  •       Car manual
  •       Car maintenance receipt
  •       Registration
  •       Insurance
  •       Emergency contact information

Necessities you might need for repair and maintenance…

  1. Your Spare Tire, Tire Jack, and Lug Wrench:

Always kept together! You never know when you’ll need to change to your spare tire, and of course, that itself needs a tire jack and a lug wrench to do. Keep in mind that your spare tire should never be flat or damaged at all times and that you keep all three of these items together because without one of them the others are useless.
You might already own them if you’d bought your car from another owner because when people are selling or buying a used car, they tend to keep them in the car after the purchase. Plus, having these tools increases your car’s market value if you ever choose to sell your car.

  1. Jumper Cables:

Imagine pulling up for a couple of minutes, and getting back into your car to find that it isn’t starting because the battery is weak… what would you do without jumper cables?! You’re now abandoned on the side of the road unless someone else has them, and provided they are willing to stop and help you start your car.

  1. Tire Pressure Gauge:

You always want to keep the air pressure in your tires at a certain rate, Of course, no one can ever tell how much gas is in the tire by just looking at it.

  1. Duct Tape:

Only durable duct tape can rescue you when it comes to emergency fixes! A magical tool that always finds a way to come in handy; you can use it for unexpected leaks, a crack, or a break.

Things to help you in winter conditions…

  1. Windshield Wiper Fluid:

As you might already know, driving in rainy or snowy weather isn’t easy to prevent the potential hazards caused by winter splash-back and combat the road sludge and slush attacking your window, you’re going to need a backup of wiper fluid.

  1. An Ice-Scraper:

If you have snow on your windshield, you’re not likely to drive very far. Plus, it’s going to prevent any scratches that might happen using any other tool to clean up your window from the snow.

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