Tips to Help You Buy The Top Survival Backpacks

Backpackers are perpetual searchers, explorers, and adventurers on a budget, traveling across countries, continents, towns, villages, and hinterlands. Indeed, a backpacker is incomplete without his rucksack. If you are a backpacker or are inspired to be one, you will need a sturdy backpack too.

Backpacks are an essential part of their travels, which they carry with enthusiasm. But how can you find the top survival backpacks available in the market? What are the things to remember while doing so? Are there any ways of separating the best from the rest? Find out.


The comfort factor

Comfort is undoubtedly the topmost factor to pay attention to while buying a backpack. A bad one could injure your back and end up being a liability rather than an asset. 

The three things that make up the comfort factor are the padding, shoulder straps, and back design. The shoulder straps should be padded and easily adjustable to help them rest on your back comfortably. The backside should adapt itself comfortably to the natural arch of the lower back to avoid back pain. 

Size plays a role

It is tempting to go for the largest size, thinking that would serve your purpose the best. However, the right way is to pick a backpack depending on your hip size and torso length. 

The internal part of the bag should accommodate between 45 and 55 liters. If your bag is too small, you may not be able to accommodate all necessary items in it. On the other hand, if it’s too big, it becomes heavier and harder to carry around. 

There are three sizes that you can choose from: extra small, medium, and large. It should always be proportionate to your body.

Type of material

The material determines whether a backpack is good or not. Usually, it is better to go for ones made of nylon or polyester since they are sturdy and durable in different weather conditions. If you are looking for tough but light packs, go for those made from the fabric Cordura and rip-stop nylon. 

Multiple compartments are a must

All top backpacks will have separate compartments. Imagine all your stuff huddled in one space without any organization. It is bound to be highly annoying and inconvenient to have to dig through everything to look for a specific item. 

There should be a separate section for water bottles, umbrellas, slippers, and books. Having multiple compartments will help you organize your items methodically with easy access.

Internal vs. external frame

Some backpacks have internal frames, while others have external ones. For adventure or survival purposes, it’s best to go with internal frames where the rods and support structure are inbuilt. 

They also transfer excess weight from the shoulders to the hips and are very useful on long journeys. Packs with internal frames are also light as the frame itself is made from durable plastic or carbon fiber. 

These are some of the tips to help you in your search for the top survival backpacks. You can always rely on your pack to sustain and support you during challenging situations while you travel, and that is why it is so essential that you choose only the best ones. 

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