Tips to Score Huge Discounts at Vacation Rentals in Michigan

Vacation can sometimes cost a fortune, especially during the summer. Properties near the beach are the most expensive because of the convenience and access to the beach. If you’re heading to Michigan and looking for affordable South Haven vacation rentals, know that there are a lot of options.

Book discounted vacation rentals easily by following this guide.

Book in Advance

Nothing beats booking in advance to get cheaper rooms and property rentals. The trick here is to book one to three months ahead, so you are the first to get a slot for a specific month. Consider the demand of people when you book last minute. Most property owners charge more if you book one to three days before check-in.

Also note that booking further in advance is also expensive, so it’s essential to book at least a month before your date of arrival.

Avail of Weekly Rentals

Some of the South Haven vacation rentalsgive discounts for those who will book the property for straight seven days or more. Vacation rentals offer markdowns to longer stays up to a month. Extended stays also qualify for discounts depending on the season, demand, and other factors. Always ask the property owner or manager if there are existing deals that you can get if you will stay longer in the vacation rental.

Subscribe for Membership Discounts

There are websites that notify subscribers of massive accommodation discounts. Because this is paid membership, you need to pay the monthly subscription to get access to these member-exclusive deals. If you sign-up, snatching low-priced accommodation is within your reach.

The only downside to this is, some bookings are cheaper because you will be taking over someone else’s reservation. Remember that upon check-in, most vacation rentals ask for a valid identification card to verify your identity. Hence, this option is not always a winner.

Check Social Media

Some vacation rentals now utilize social media marketing to attract more customers. If you’re frequently on social media, you can create an alert every time a page post content. This way, you will be updated about the discounts offered by vacation rentals.

Travel in Groups

The best way to cut the cost of the accommodation expenses is to share the property with family and friends. Some vacation rentals are ideal for big groups. For instance, there are villas that have three to four bedrooms that can accommodate ten people. Divide the cost of the rate per day by ten, and you will only pay a significantly lower amount.

Book with The Hotel Directly

Another hack to score affordable vacation rentals is by opting to book directly through the property’s websites instead of using third-party sites. Websites such as Airbnb charges the property for every booking. Most of the time, property owners prefer customers who book directly with them for a cheaper room rates.

You can save money during vacations by availing of discounted accommodation in Michigan. Go over this list to score huge discounts from extended stays and booking directly to the property.

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