Top 5 Ways You Can Use Information Technology to Improve Customer Satisfaction

For businesses big and small, the customer is always king. That is why they go through great lengths to appease and address customer needs as best they can. With the advent of technology, customer relationship management has become more expedient.

From reliable business email hosting services to investing in other information technology (IT) hardware, software, and peripheral products, improving customer satisfaction has become easier, faster, and more convenient.

Information Technology: Highway to Improved Customer Service

Computers, various software programs and applications, the Internet, and other information technology-related elements have all come together to form a web of interconnected services that make managing customers easier. The combination of all these IT tools has led to a more comfortable lifestyle for most people.

It is no wonder that almost all businesses around the world continue to invest in information technologies that help streamline operations, improve quality, and enhance productivity. These technologies are also now commonly used to aid in developing and implementing customer relationship management systems to increase satisfaction rates and create customers for life.

If you are running a business or thinking of putting up one, then it is worth taking IT into consideration. Investing in IT systems can cut down on time, effort, and resources in the long run. (Restaurant point-of-sale software systems, for example, can make your operations flow smoothly – from back-office operations to kitchen management to frontline functions – all ultimately directed to satisfy and delight customers.)


Here are some ways that you can use information technology to gain and retain satisfied customers:

1.     Absorb Information Using Analytics

Understanding your customers is key to devising sound plans that will help you address their needs. To do this, you need to gather substantial market intelligence to create relevant customer programs aimed at providing solutions as well as delightful experiences to earn their trust and loyalty.

Nowadays, market research has become more systematic thanks to information technology. Data gathering and analytics have become swifter and more methodical, with computers and software programs producing timely results with as little margin of error as possible.

With the information gleaned from market research, you can absorb all relevant information, process it, and churn out tailor-made activities to enhance products and services.

2.     Engage Through Email

An email platform is also a valuable tool in customer relationship management. You can use this to inform and update your clients about the latest news and information about your company, products, or services. For instance, car companies greatly utilize emails when they send out quality bulletins or recall actions. This is a fast and efficient way to disseminate information, especially if you already have an efficient email filing system and database in place.

Similarly, you can also send out vouchers or electronic coupons that your clients can use to obtain free products or services, discounts, and other feel-good offers. What’s more, you can conduct quick surveys or release feedback forms for your customer relationship management programs, or create an open system of communication for customers to contact you regarding any business concerns.

You must remember, however, that it is crucial to have your own business email hosting system. Seek the services of a reputable IT service provider to set one up for you so you can be assured of a secure web hosting package also you can buy GEOTRUST SSL CERTIFICATES from Digicert. It is typically not safe to rely on free email hosting packages because most offer no encryption and can leave your business open to cybercrimes like hacking.

3.     Connect Via Cloud

Today’s busy lifestyle also calls for efficient and convenient systems to make life easier. With cloud services now made available to commercial establishments, people can conduct their business wherever they are using any electronic device they choose.

Restaurant point-of-sale management systems are examples of a suite of cloud-connected solutions that allow restaurateurs and their teams to efficiently and conveniently do business wherever they are. For instance, changes in the digital menu can be done easily and forwarded swiftly to all branches. The same can also be applied in e-vouchers, delivery apps, or inventory management that translates to better service and customer satisfaction.

Cloud computing can also allow businesses better flexibility as shared data can be stored remotely and accessed by your team members in one secure place. Essentially, you need to acquire the services of a reliable IT company to secure your server and ensure that your server hosting services are maintained well.

4.     Delight Through Digital Payments

Push-button lifestyles and instant gratification services have bred a culture of customers who delight in real-time transactions. Whether it is online or in physical stores, cashless shopping brings ease and convenience.

Make sure your business has digital payment systems installed so you can offer customers varied ways of paying for their transactions. Whether they opt to pay using their credit card, debit card, or other freelance payment portals like PayPal or Alipay, you can accept their payments without any hassle.

5.     Manage Using Mobile Solutions

There are 4.18 billion unique mobile internet users today and, most likely, you can count your customers to be among these people. With most individuals constantly glued to their phones nowadays, you can take advantage of this trend and use mobile technology systems to promote your brand and draw customers to your side of the fence.

Alternatively, you can enhance your current customers’ experience by introducing programs, activities, or promotions through your mobile platform. Mobile apps, for example, are a good way to streamline your operations and provide a more interactive way for clients to reach you. They can use mobile or social media apps, book services, request for instant quotes, or claim electronic gift certificates.

Creating Opportunities for Customer Satisfaction

It is undeniable that information technology is one way to improve customer relations. By integrating IT services and systems into your business framework, you can look forward to a simplified and more organized way of running things.

Ideally, you should also have a reliable IT company to provide ongoing support and consultancy services. Having IT specialists as your allies will ensure that your tech and digital systems are upgraded, updated, and always running in top condition.


Sharon Mallorca is the Sales Manager at Create IT in Dubai. Established by innovative digital agency Create Media Group, Create IT has rapidly become the Middle East’s leading IT Support and IT Solutions company, providing the highest quality IT support and services to a growing portfolio of global brands.

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