Top 6 Interior Designs for Commercial Spaces

The expectations for interior design are always changing based on trends in the market, but functionality and a fair price tag are two constants customers look for when choosing a commercial interior design team. From office buildings to busy restaurants to huge hotels, you want every inch of your space to reflect the goals of your business while attracting customers, which is where careful consideration of the commercial design can make a world of difference. To stay ahead of the curve, check out some of the most popular and emerging trends in interior design.

1.  Biophilic


With more and more businesses popping up in metropolitan areas than ever before, it’s important for people to feel a continued connection to nature, even inside a skyscraper. The biophilic design focuses on bringing natural elements indoors to contrast the abundance of concrete, metal, and plastic. Many interior design teams are able to achieve a biophilic style by incorporating plenty of soft earth tones, potted plants, and natural lighting.

2.  Industrial


In many ways, industrial interior design can be considered the opposite of biophilic design because this style focuses on celebrating man-made structures of the past. This means exposing many construction elements such as brick, piping, and steel beams, which are typically concealed in most buildings. This style is popular in urban areas due to its raw edginess and the subtle nod to the industrial history of cities that are being rapidly developed.

3.  Mixed Materials


The mixed materials and diverse textures of this style of interior design focus on finding an aesthetically pleasing balance between refined and raw elements. Quirky combinations, such mismatched tiles or an abundance of upholstery fabrics, create a sense of richness and diversity. It is also easy to make this style more relaxed or more sophisticated based on the unique needs of the space in question.

4.  Monochromatic


A favorite of minimalists, the monochromatic design is the practice of selecting one color and making sure that all elements of the space, such as the wall color, furniture, and artwork, reflect similar shades of that color to create a cohesive, unified image. This trend is often achieved with neutral tones, such as gray, white, and tan, which can have a calming effect while giving off a sleek impression to customers.

5.  Open Work Spaces


Inspired by the design concepts originated in Silicon Valley, many businesses are beginning to do away with individual, confined workspaces in favor of more open floor plans. The aesthetic is much more inviting than sectioned-off cubicles, with large tables serving as collaborative and creative work hubs. Commercial spaces that place shared ideas and community at the forefront of their design concept will benefit from this style.

6.  Eco-Friendly


This design concept has been gaining more and more popularity in the industry due to the increasing interest in global sustainability. The eco-friendly design seeks to minimize the need to source new materials by recycling furniture, fixtures, and other materials. Many business owners enjoy this aesthetic because it provides their space with a one-of-a-kind identity.

Let Nativa Design Your Commercial Space


At Nativa, we live and breathe interior design, meaning we can help you determine the best style for your space to reflect the image and goals of your business to keep customers coming back for years. Our professional team is able to assist you every step of the way to help you make the space of your dreams a reality.

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