What Type of Front Door Material Is Right for Your House?

Aluminum, steel, fiberglass, wood, or glass—there is an assortment of choices to fit your budget, preference, and style when it comes to selecting a front door material for your house.

Therefore, if you wonder what kind of exterior door material is the ideal option for your house, indeed, you are not alone. The variety of options and styles define a lot of your taste; however, it is possible to narrow down front door material options into five major categories: aluminum, glass, steel, wood, and fiberglass. Read these fundamentals on all the choices before buying your next front door.


Front doors constructed from wood are a common option—mainly because they can be tailored to your style, size, and shape preferences. Even more, wood exterior doors also are easy to customize with sidelights, transoms, and ornamental gloss accents. One major thing to consider, nonetheless, with time, wood naturally bends because of outdoor elements.

Therefore, causing a break in the front door’s air-closing abilities. Always remember that you must replace front wood doors more regularly than the ones made from steel or fiberglass.


Do you want a wood look with more toughness? Go for a fiberglass front door? You can stain this door in a variation of colors to offer you the similar beautiful appearance of conventional wood. You can also order these doors in many hues and can be painted in your various colors of choice. As stated, these doors are more durable than wooden ones and usually stand against minor dents.

Fiberglass front doors and more also consist of a cloistered core that provides extra security from outdoor elements. Considering the cost, they are pricier than wood alternatives.



If you opt for a steel exterior door material, get to know that you are possibly choosing one of the secure alternatives in terms of interference. Metal front doors comprise an insulated design fitted with steel panels on both sides.

Nonetheless, while the steel panels make these front doors very strong and help keep cool winds from sneaking into the house if the door has a dent, it isn’t easy to repair and might not tootle the material. Hence, causing you to replace the whole steel front door.


Also, you may pick the alternative of glass front door material for your house. Glass front doors comprise various advantages — possibly most particularly the amount of natural lighting and the indoor view you will have into the house. On the other hand, these can be considered as disadvantages depending on your likes and preferences, together with natural lighting getting into the house. Also, the glass front may be allowing cool air on the door cracks and outdoor view you might enjoy; more so, you might glance at your neighbors of what is happening inside the house.

If you are worried about these factors, consider fiberglass, steel, or wood front doors that have the choice to mount transoms and glass sidelights. You can also pair your glass front door material with wood, aluminum, steel, or fiberglass for the best blends.


Aluminum front doors material looks splendid on contemporary houses as they are simple and shiny. Moreover, they look magnificent in traditional homes, as they have a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

Constructors usually color the aluminum material using a powder coating; however, you can paint the aluminum front door if you would like it to have a distinct color. Just remember that ordinary paint might fracture and chip under constant rain and heat from the sun. Therefore, make sure you use a reliable paint brand.

If you consider a personalized and modified door, aluminum front door material is a perfect option because it comprises an excellent strength-to-weight percentage. This implies that you can have styles and designs with windows and other structures that wood might not endure.

In addition, higher variety aluminum front doors come with additional components constructed on them to prevent this metal from warping under extreme heat, especially during summertime.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right front door material can significantly pay off in minimal maintenance, smoother function, and enhanced energy savings. Also, you will have a classy and stylish front door, thus creating a notable first impression.

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