Types of Scissor Lifts to Choose for your Construction Projects

A scissor lift is construction equipment that helps workers perform tasks typically at high heights. It provides a rising platform and a steady enclosure, as it elevates load and people. With a scissor lift, people can do a lot of things above the ground, such as cable wiring, close inspections, etc. When you decide to use a scissor lift hire, know that it varies in the application, size, and fuel type. But, in general, this construction equipment can only move up and down and extends a shorter height. It can also lift several workers at a single time, making it a practical and sensible option for jobs that are not particular to heights.

Types of Scissor Lifts


This type of scissor lift is a popular aerial machine. It features a powered drive mechanism that does not emit sounds or fumes. This makes it a cleaner method, particularly suitable for indoor areas that do not have enough ventilation. The electric scissor lift is also not bulky, making it perfect for smaller spaces.


This scissor lift utilizes air pressure as its lifting mechanism. It compresses and vacuums atmospheric air. It uses air instead of fuel; hence it does not give much power compared to other scissor lifts. Pneumatic is an ideal scissor lift to hire for companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint, considering that it does not release by-products or toxic fumes to the environment.


Many construction sites prefer to use a diesel scissor lift, as it can reach up to 30 feet in height. Some models can extend up to 60 feet. It emits fumes and has sound, considering that it uses traditional diesel fuel. With these characteristics, it is ideal for outdoor projects, or areas that have ventilation and can dissipate noise. The diesel scissor lift comes with a hefty design, which offers a wider aerial platform.

Rough Terrain

This scissor lift has a design that is specifically meant for outdoor terrain. The rough terrain scissor lift can reach up to 50 feet of elevation and has a 10 feet wide platform. You can power it by gas, diesel, dual fuel, or liquid propane. The machine comes with heavy-duty tires, high weight capacity, and safety mechanisms such as arrestors and restraints.


This lift is powered by either an engine-driven or hand-operated hydraulic system. There is a changing pressure in its hydraulic oil, making it easy to operate the machine and move it upwards or downwards. Hydraulic scissors are suitable for construction jobs that do not focus on horsepower and speed. Also, this machine can have a slower operation in colder weather. In general, it is easy to operate; hence users do not need to undergo much training to use the machine.

Choosing a Scissor Lift for Your Project

It is crucial to choose the right lift according to your construction needs. There are different factors to consider, like the load stability, the weight of the load, the height and strength of the lift, platform size needed, and loading method; this also includes the power supply of the machine and conditions of the terrain.

Each one of these factors affects the overall performance of the scissor lift you choose. Find a scissor lift rental company that can provide you with the machine you need, whether you are looking for clean, silent maneuverability or a rugged operation.

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