Types of Water Heaters and How to Choose One

Silver Spring, MD, is home to over 31,700 households, and water heaters are necessary for all households. There are multiple variants to consider before choosing the right one. 

You should pay attention to the water consumption, fuel type, maintenance requirements, installation cost, and efficiency while shopping for water heaters. Expert Silver Spring plumbers can help you decide. 


Solar Powered Water Heaters 

Solar-powered water heaters are an excellent choice if you are looking for sustainable options. The carbon footprint is minimal in solar water heaters. These are the most energy-efficient water heaters available in the market. 

The heater relies on energy converted by roof-mounted solar panels. Remember, solar water heater tanks and solar panels require comprehensive maintenance. 

You may note that solar panel installations are usually expensive, and their efficiency depends upon the weather conditions. However, solar water heaters will help you cut down electricity costs. So, consult an expert plumber before choosing this option. 

Condensing Water Heaters

Condensing Water Heater uses natural gas as a primary source of energy for functioning. These water heaters are the best option for a household that has already opted to use natural gas for heating. The water heater uses the heated exhaust. 

The gas fumes collect in the funnel through a coil placed under the tank to heat the water inside. These water heaters are usually available with a tank capacity of over fifty gallons.

Hybrid Water Heaters

Hybrid water heater or heat pump water heaters use heat in the air or the ground to function. The usage of electricity is limited to the movement of heat from the air or the ground to the water. The heater may require an average vertical clearance of up to 8 feet. 

It is more energy-efficient than standard electric water heaters. The functioning of the water heater depends on the weather conditions and may not be the ideal choice for cold weather conditions. 

Tankless Water Heaters

These heaters are also known as the on-demand water heater. The absence of a water tank alone makes it an ideal choice for office spaces. The water is passed through thin coils, which are heated, resulting in hot water. 

These heaters come in all measurements, so choosing the right one will depend upon your household water consumption. It would help if you cleaned tankless heaters every year. 

The coils might get damaged in the long run due to corrosion or mineral deposits which are harder to access while cleaning. Unlike standard water heaters, the output of tankless water heaters can limit their flow rate. Therefore these heaters are incredibly efficient.

Conventional Water Heaters

These are the standard water heater models that come with tanks. Factors like tank size and type determine the water heater’s capacity. 

The heaters feature two valves to control pressure and temperature. It would help if you cleaned conventional water heaters twice a year. The installation cost is average compared to the other water heaters in the market.

Final Thought

Silver Spring, MD, experiences average low temperatures of around 27 degrees F during winter and rainy months. Local Silver Spring plumbers can help you install new water heaters.

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