Recyclable glasses give various benefits to mother earth. They help in promoting a friendly environment and also prevent climate change. These recyclable sustainable glasses are manufactured using natural resources that can be reliable and renewable. This process helps in preventing deforestation and promotes the well being of the people.



  • Waterhaul
  • Sea2see
  • Peep eyewear
  • Dresden
  • Ballo
  • Proof


Waterhaul is a brand that is working to prevent the use of plastic in society. They use the process called the ‘specialized injection modelling process’ to get the high-performing sunglasses. These sunglasses are made from recycled fishing nets that are strong and are durable. The frames of this brand are also long-lasting. The company works with Iberian fishermen to get an incentive program.


If people observe in recent times, everyday bulk of plastic waste is dumped in the seas and oceans. After viewing such traumatizing pictures around the environment, the Sea2see has decided to produce sustainable glasses for a better cause. This eyewear company is an Italy based manufacturing company that not only produces glasses but also tries for a statement of change. This company works with the fishermen from 27 different parts of Spain and ten different coastal areas of Ghana to collect various plastic waste, ropes and fishnets to produce eyewear. This company turns plastic waste into renewable raw material to make new products.


This brand makes eyewear that has a bit of vintage look to it. This brand is a UK based manufacturing company that promotes sustainable fashion by producing ‘stand out vintage’ glasses. The best motto of the brand is that they plant a sapling after the sale of every single eyewear of their company. They also provide a service centre by repairing the defective piece by polishing or oiling them. If a person is looking to give a new look to their old glass frames, Peep is the best-suggested brand to consult.


Dresden is a brand that manufactures organic and technical eyeglasses that are not only playful but also functional. Though it is an Australian based company, the designs they own are German-based designs.

The brand’s speciality is that they sell one model of eyewear in four different sizes, with numerous colour options. The glasses are made of recyclable swiss nylon. This material is ultra-durable and is also lightweight. Not only plastic but also the brand has experimented with the manufacturing of sustainable glasses with milk bottle caps, beer keg caps and recycled wood chips.


This brand has been in the market since 2013. That was the time when they started to make handmade unisex sunglasses using recycled and upcycled materials. Even this company used to plant a sapling after the sale of every piece of the sunglasses. The origin of this brand is Cape town in South Africa. In addition to the sunnies, the company also manufactures UV420 Blue light blocking lenses. These are the lenses that prevent eye strain from exposure to screens.


This brand was formed by three brothers in the year 2020 in Idaho. The main mission of these siblings was to make the world a better living place. They took up an initiative to produce sustainable glasses using renewable materials like wood, recycled aluminium, repurposed skateboard desks and cotton-based acetate. The company also sells eco-friendly water bottles, reusable straws, wallets and many other products.

For the better cause in the environment and to make the place a better home, it is necessary to increase sustainability for every person. Let’s all work together in making the world a better place to survive.

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