The goggles that protect one’s eyes from external problems for carpenters, plumbers, or other workers are known as safety glasses. They are a type of protective eyewear that helps one have a clear vision for labourers while performing their work. These goggles help one from bugs, dust, high-speed wind, splashing water/mud and excessive light. They are similar to the goggles children wear at the time of swimming in the pool. To know more about these goggles, keep on reading and know it all by yourself.


Usually, these goggles are used by the workers at the time of welding, any carpenter work, plumbers while fixing the taps and by the millwrights. These goggles are mostly suggested to the factory workers to keep their eyesight safe.


There are two main types of safety glasses. One is prescription glasses, and the other one is non-prescription glasses. Regular prescription glasses are not qualified as safety glasses unless they reach specific criteria. Non-prescription eyeglasses are also known as Plano glasses.


When the glasses have a plus mark indicator on them, it is verified that the glasses frame has passed the high-velocity test. This mark is usually observed on every prescription lens with the same or greater thickness. It is also observed when the lens is made by the same manufacturer with the same material and the same coating.

Other mark indicators that are observed on the lens are the V and S-marks. If the lens has the V mark then, it means they are photochromic and, if the lens has S-mark then, it means the lens has a special tint.

The lens also has a numerical indicator that says how the tint reduces much light transmittance in some situations.


  • One of the best benefits of safety glasses is that both the prescription glasses and protection glasses are consolidated into one pair. They are durable and are also attractive compared to other protective eyeglasses.
  • The glasses have the feature of changing the potential based on the situation. They change through spectra and intensities of the external light. It protects one’s eyes from external rays and radiation. The glasses also do not cause any hindrance or discomfort to the eyes. They are completely comfortable.
  • The glasses also protect the vision of sports players. In many sports like tennis, badminton there is a high possibility of getting eye injuries. They can be caused by the fingers getting poked in the eyes or because of the balls. In such situations, these protective glasses help sports personalities from external problems.
  • These protective eyeglasses protect the vision from daily household injuries as well. Injuries such as chemicals or ingredients entering one’s eyes or affecting through dust or debris.
  • The glasses can be utilised both indoor and outdoor. They provide high protection for both indoor and outdoor utilisation. The glasses are equipped with fortification to protect the vision from the UVA and UVB rays and excessive radiation.

The glasses provide a higher standard of resistance compared to normal eyeglasses. Both the lens and frames have a higher resistance power than the normally used glasses. Prescription glasses are made out of polycarbonate material. The material is shattered resistant. These lenses are 100 times more strong, resistant and durable compared to glass or plastic lenses. They are also ultra-protective and were developed in the 1970s.

People should use these glasses for their daily use rather than the normal eyeglasses.

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