Vaping is gaining popularity in Australia. According to a national drug strategy household survey, 9.7% of Australians are electronic cigarette users. This equates to approximately 323,000 Australian vapers. In Queensland, the number of people who smoke has dropped continuously, but the number of vapers has gone up, according to figures from peak health data body. The increase in vaping was highest among the age group that experienced the most significant drop in smoking, especially adults between 18 and 29 years.


Electronic cigarettes without liquid nicotine are available at any vape shop in Brisbane. This is because e-cigarettes that contain liquid nicotine are illegal in Queensland. They are increasingly becoming an alternative for those who attempted and have lost faith in giving up smoking. The usage of e-cigarettes can prevent the deaths of 15,000 Australians from smoking every year. It relieves the desire to smoke and provides an experience similar to smoking. It has helped millions of smokers to quit. The scientific consensus indicates that it is considerably less harmful than smoking.

Mostly, any vape shop in Brisbane supplies electronic cigarettes, vaping accessories, and vape kits. The pros of vaping are enumerated below.

  1.   Safer than smoking

Based on extensive research, vaping is proven to be 90% safer than smoking. There is no presence of combustion or ash associated with vaping. Therefore, switching to vaping from smoking will enable the user to encounter health benefits from being smoke-free. This improves oral hygiene, lung capacity, skin health, and an enhanced sense of taste and smell.

  1.   Controls nicotine intake

Usage of e-cigarettes gives full control over nicotine intake. E-juice is available in different varieties of strengths, extending from nicotine-free to nicotine of high strength. It is even possible to choose the dosage of nicotine in the vape. Most people tend to begin with high nicotine levels and gradually reduce the level or avoid it altogether.

  1.   No noxious odors

A significant benefit of vaping is that the person making use of it and those in the surroundings won’t smell the smoke. It may contain an aroma due to the flavors used, but it does not smell like the smoke from dead tobacco. At times, the smell or odor of vapor is hardly noticeable. Even when a vape uses tobacco flavors, it won’t leave an unpleasant odor that usually comes from tobacco.

  1.   Instant satisfaction

The satisfaction factor is very high with vapes because of their ability to settle the cravings quickly. Even though advanced vapes might need initial adjustments, pre-filled ones are commonly available, whereas others are ready for instant use. Either way, when the vape is ready, one can use it by pressing a button or drawing on the vape device. Some of the devices contain an automatic draw. One can find all varieties of vapes at a vape shop in Brisbane. They require e-juice and charged batteries to work continuously. An average vape can retain it all through the day without maintenance.

  1.   Controls vapor output

The main benefit of vaping is that the amount of vapor exhaled or inhaled by the body can be controlled. To make this convenient and maintain vapor content, industries have designed pod vapes – a small mechanical device. The high powered pods are more suitable for cloud chasing. The coil type, power output, and airflow can also be adjusted, regulating or tuning the vapor volume. These adjustments are wholly dependent on what kind of vape one chooses.

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