Vertical Blinds Vs Curtains- Which Are Better?

If you are a home-decor-enthusiast, you know exactly how the smell of new furniture, flooring, and paint can serve as an immediate mood-lifter!

Well, the ones who can relate, know how it can soothe the souls and calm the minds, even when life is difficult. It is an addiction, letting go of which is harder than giving up smoking!

Even though working to improve the aesthetics of your home is fun and exciting, but things can get overwhelming. In a chaotic situation, a lot of people tend to forget about a crucial part of their homes – the windows.

The majority of times, people end up making the wrong choice. Trust us when we tell you how you choose to dress your home’s windows can significantly impact the look of your house. The right choice can elevate the entire look, while a bad decision can make all your efforts go to waste!

Therefore, if you are working on your home’s renovations or planning the interior for your new home, make sure you decide exactly how you want to cover the windows. In the end, you will have two options; you can either go for a flowy curtain or a simple yet elegant vertical blind.

Vertical Blinds – Give a Perfectly Modern Look to Your Room

A common choice of homeowners, when it comes to choosing a window covering, are vertical blinds. The strips of fabric, plastic, or wood, the slats held together via a sliding track, are the vertical blinds. You can operate them simply using a chain or a plastic wand. A chain holds these verticle slats together by a chain that ensures the smooth functioning of the blinds.

Whether you need a window covering to add to a room’s privacy or wish to control the sunlight the enters through the window, vertical blinds are great for both purposes. in addition to serving these two purposes, these blinds give a perfectly modern look to a room.

Curtains – A Simple and Beautiful Way to Cover the Windows

Curtains can lift the entire look of a room with its traditionally flowy look. No matter which part of the world you belong to, curtains will always be the most common form of window coverings that you see. A lot of people consider curtains a safer and feasible option when it comes to choosing a window treatment for your home.

Top-quality sound-proofing and a high level of insulation are the features that make curtains a popular choice all around the world.

Making the Right Choice

Both curtains and vertical blinds are common window treatment options. It might seem easy, but when the time comes, making the right choice can get very challenging. In the end, it all comes to preference, but there are several crucial factors of consideration that can help you reach your decision.

Whether you wish to give a room an elegant and sophisticated look or want to create a warm and cosy ambience, there will always be a curtain for you.

Unfortunately, this is something you will not get if you choose a vertical blind. You can find these blinds in a variety of different materials, including wood, plastic, vinyl, or fabric, and you can easily choose by heading to

The Need

The very first factor to consider is your need.

Yes, we know you want your house to look classy and elegant, but if even after spending money, you are unable to address your needs, everything will just go in vain. Therefore, start by considering your needs. The elements that you need to consider must include sound control, light control, and insulation.

Both curtains and blinds can contribute to a room’s overall insulation and sound-proofing. However, you can control the light that enters a room using a vertical blind. You can either close the curtain or open it; you cannot set a particular angle. A curtain offers two extreme options while you can operate a blind and set an angle for sunlight to enter that suits your requirements.

When it comes to sound-proofing, curtains are a smarter option in comparison to blinds. As blinds comprise of vertical slats, the sound can escape through the gaps between them. The same is the case when it comes to insulation. Curtains, especially those made of heavy and thick fabrics, can prevent heat from entering a room or escaping it, which is not a possibility when one chooses vertical blinds.

Type of Interior and Design

When making your decision, bring your room’s interior into consideration. The window covering you must choose compliments the décor of your room. If you are designing your bedroom, you have to look for an option that adds to the cosiness.

However, the variety in the designs of vertical blinds is limited in comparison to that of curtains.


Not everyone can invest hundreds and thousands of dollars on their home’s renovations, especially not on a window covering. Therefore, bringing the budget into consideration is another crucial aspect when it comes to choosing between a curtain and a vertical blind.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the cost of a curtain and a blind. The quality, materials, and custom-fit or standard size are elements that impact the total cost. For instance, a plastic blind is cheaper than a soft-material curtain. Similarly, if you choose a high-quality material for a curtain and then compare its price to that of a blind, a curtain is much more expensive.

A crucial aspect here is energy efficiency. Both curtains, as well as blinds, can either add or cut down your electricity bill. If you choose thermal-backed curtains, they will reduce the load on your home’s HVAC system in extreme climates. However, these curtains will prevent natural light from entering a room.

Blinds act as natural barriers to heat, but a portion can still escape from the gaps between the vertical slats. The vertical blinds are good when it comes to blocking the summer sun, but they are not of much help when it comes to insulating a house from the coldness of winter.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

When it comes to installation, you can look upon this as your home-décor DIY project. A lot of people avoid hiring a professional for the installation of a curtain or a blind. The internet is flooding with tutorials that can help you install your window coverings with ease.

Maintainance of blinds is very convenient when we talk about everyday cleaning. If it’s a vinyl or plastic blind, you can use a damp cloth to clean it and dry cloth if you have a wood-blind. Cleaning curtains is a challenge, and you have to send it for professional cleaning.

The Verdict

Vertical blinds, as well as the curtains, come with a unique set of pros and cons. If it’s about aesthetics and versatility in designs, curtains are the best option. However, when it comes to cost-effectiveness, ease of maintenance, or giving a room a sophisticated look, blinds have no competition. Some people even use a blind and a curtain together to enhance the look of their house and enjoy the benefits of both types of window coverings!

In the end, your preferences and your needs are the two factors that can help you make the right choice.

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