Ways To Combat Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a chronic disease so it requires long-term complex treatment. It is necessary to start treatment for alcohol dependence in a specialized hospital.

It is important that somatic (bodily and biological) disorders in alcoholism appear already in the early stages of the disease – for the first time 4-5 years of regular alcohol use. Mental illnesses caused by toxic damage to the central nervous system are also formed in the initial stages of the disease but become noticeable only in 5-10 years of regular drunkenness.

Specialists in the field of necrology have already studied the mechanisms of the development of a disease called alcoholism and formulated a theory about the biological predisposition of people to the development of this disease.

Alcoholism – this diagnosis unfortunately is very common. The fight against alcoholism has become a burning problem and the first thing to start with is to treat people who have already become alcoholics.

What are the treatments for alcohol dependence? This is the coding and filing of drugs that are incompatible with alcohol. These methods are inherently psychotherapeutic. They are based on the patient’s belief that drinking will cause him unpleasant consequences and even death. A more effective method of long-term psychotherapy that does not exclude coding and filing.

Psychotherapeutic work with alcoholics is the formation of a critical attitude towards alcohol dependence in them. If the patient himself does not consider himself addicted and denies his problem then the treatment of alcoholism, in this case, will not be effective. He must admit that he is sick and understand the importance of completely avoiding alcohol. Even if the condition worsens after stopping alcohol the patient must understand that alcohol withdrawal is taking place and these unpleasant symptoms are inevitable. To relieve them the doctor prescribes tranquilizers antidepressants and other medications.

Ways To Combat Alcoholism

One of the main factors in the treatment of alcohol dependence is the motivation of patients. Remission is stable only in those cases when the patient understands why he refuses alcohol. And the stronger this understanding the easier it is for them to tolerate withdrawal symptoms.

Whatever methods are used to overcome a person’s cravings for alcohol the greatest effect is achieved in a set of measures that do not conflict with each other.

All currently existing means and methods of fighting the “green serpent” are divided into two main categories – official and folk. However, a professional narcologist with a long experience of work who has adopted the methods of traditional medicine will achieve the best result in his work on the treatment of alcoholism.

In official medicine after the first stage of treatment when vitamins sedatives restorative agents and psychotherapeutic effects are used the second stage of treatment is carried out if necessary. It is based on apomorphine therapy pyrotherapy and hypoglycemic insulin therapy. It also uses family and group options for influencing the patient and sometimes real deep hypnosis. At the next third stage of treatment, the effect achieved at the previous stage is supported. For this lithium salts tranquilizers coding for alcohol dependence placebo effect, psychotherapeutic effects are used.

Methods of combating alcoholism in folk medicine are based on anti-alcohol nutrition when vegetables fruits and cereals are used to replenish vitamins energy and cleanse the alcoholic’s body. In addition to them in the treatment of alcoholism the blood liver intestines kidneys and blood vessels of the patient are cleaned with the help of herbs: celandine tansy calendula wormwood food cloves cranberries apples lemons pine needles pumpkin seeds alder buckthorn bark etc.

In folk medicine, there are also drugs that have coding properties for the alcoholic. These are herbs – St. John’s wort thyme ram centaury etc.

A separate section in alternative medicine is the restoration of the alcoholic’s body through beekeeping products. For this honey propolis pollen bee, Podmore is used. Some areas of traditional medicine in relation to alcohol dependence use treatment with juices prayers physical activity hardening with cold water and steam in a bath.

Methods to combat alcoholism

Among the methods of combating alcoholism work with relatives of an alcoholic is of great importance. Its goal is to change the stereotype of behavior in families where there are people dependent on alcohol and to find and eliminate the secondary unconscious benefit from alcoholism.

Alcoholism always remains one of the problems of society and it entails other troubles in different areas of life. The fight against alcoholism is ongoing and for this many methods have been tried. So they tried to eliminate drunkenness by introducing a ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages educational work and criminal punishment of people who make alcohol at home but these measures turned out to be ineffective and the number of alcohol addicts did not decrease.

Modern methods of dealing with such a phenomenon as alcoholism are more humane than in the days of the USSR but it is difficult to call them effective either. Alcoholic cocktails and beer are not among the drinks prohibited for sale after the set time of day they are considered “light” but also provoke alcohol dependence.

Some alcoholism treatment clinics often use outdated methods and the prices for services do not match the outcome of the treatment. The percentage of people who got rid of pathological alcohol dependence in such clinics is very low.

The fight against binge drinking is complicated by the reluctance of many people to see the problem in alcohol dependence. Not only the drinkers themselves but also their relatives often do not consider alcoholism to be a disease in its early stages but attribute it to a manifestation of human weakness. This happens until mental abnormalities become noticeable in the drinker.

Today many citizens against the background of other problems have begun to notice less the increased addiction of society to alcohol. The “green serpent” is an insidious enemy that brings misfortune not only to those who use it but also to everyone around. In most cases, alcohol dependence occurs in people who do not know how to experience stress get pleasure from life and relax in a healthy way. The feeling of one’s own worthlessness insolvency and uselessness also leads to the fact that a person begins to gravitate towards alcohol. The social reason for addiction to alcohol is also important when a person copies the experience of his ancestors and those around him.

The most effective strategy for combating alcoholism in our time is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and not only by state organizations but also by public ones.

An alcohol control program must be well-thought-out and strategically designed with active support from different communities leaders and individuals themselves. The alcoholic beverage business should be kept within reasonable limits and not come to the point of enriching individuals at the expense of others’ grief. Advertising of alcohol should be prohibited no matter how it affects the finances of the state and alcohol producers.

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