What Your Car Model Says About You

A car can say a lot about a person. Think about it – your home, your clothes, and even your haircut is chosen to represent you in the best way possible, so why not your car? Knowing how your car represents you might even impact your next purchase. Read on to see exactly what your vehicle says about you as a person.  


An Electric Car

An electric car gives off the sense that the person is environmentally aware, forward-thinking, and open to change. With the electric car still not mainstream, it takes a certain kind of person to take the leap and purchase one. The fact that it doesn’t need to use fossil fuel means it is better for the planet, showing that the driver also cares about their ecological footprint. 

A Sports Car 

A sports car emits fun and youthful vibes. It doesn’t matter how old the person who is driving it is – people will assume they are young at heart. The person is probably a thrill-seeker who loves new adventures and lives life on the edge. They’re also seen as a little impulsive.

A Luxury Car

Assumptions about people driving luxury cars tend to be that they’re wealthy, have good taste, and seek a high status. Luckily, purchasing a luxury car second-hand means more people can get their hands on one – like these special offers for a pre-owned Alfa Romeo. Luxury car drivers are usually the ones who catch other people’s eyes, and even create a little envy.

A Minivan 

A minivan gives the impression that the person driving it either has a huge family or loves being around others. Generally, they would be seen as warm, open, and friendly, and is constantly busy. They would also be likely to enjoy traveling and long road trips and know all the best places to stop

A Small Car

A person who drives a small car is seen as sensible, efficient, and functional. Small cars are useful for fitting into tight places, but would not do as well in the country, so they’re probably a city-dweller. 

A Truck 

Due to its size, the driver of a truck gives the impression that they are big, beefy, and strong. People would assume they are a manual worker, and that they are more physically capable than the average person. There is also the added assumption that truck drivers are men, although there are plenty of women truck drivers, too.

A Convertible 

Owning a convertible tells people that you are positive, outgoing, and love nature. There is also an element of risk because of the absence of a full cover, so people may also assume that the driver is a risk-taker and adventurous. Another assumption would be that convertible drivers are show-offs, as they are easily spotted on the road and show off the person’s wealth.

There are plenty of other factors with a car that adds to how other people see you, such as the cleanliness, the color, and the way you drive. It all begins with a model, however, and each one says so much.

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