A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Wireless Fence and Training Collar Combo for a Large Dog

As a responsible pet owner, there’s no way you can leave a big, active dog unattended for hours at home because it could eat up all the furniture or rugs inside, soil your carpets, chew on cables, shoes, clothes, and get into all sorts of trouble. 

With products like Wiez dog fence wireless & training collar, you can keep an eye on your dog and stop it from going wild. 

Wireless Fence and Training Collar Combo for a Large Dog HD

How Does a Wireless Dog Fence And Training Collar Work?

The pet containment systems are pretty simple – they utilize wireless technology to create a circular field covered by transmitters that send radio-frequency signals via batteries or electricity.

The receiver collar attached to your dog’s neck receives these signals and sets off a warning tone or, in some cases, mild static corrections.

These signals urge your dog to move back towards the safe zone and stay within boundaries, thus preventing it from leaving home without your permission and supervision.

The wireless containment systems automatically adjust the signal radius (distance) according to your dog’s location. 

Ways to Buy the Best Product

There are many factors to consider while choosing the most reliable containment system for your pet, so bear these in mind.

Boundary Range of the Product

The boundary range of the containment system shouldn’t be too short or too long. If it’s short, then your dog will soon learn that there are no boundaries and just jump over the signal range with ease. 

If it’s too big, then you’ll have to spend extra money on batteries to keep up with your pet’s movements. You can opt for a controlled range of 98 to 1968 ft.

This will allow your pet to roam around in safety; however, you can consider options with larger radii if you’re not limited by space.

Build Quality

The components of the system must be sturdy, well-built, and waterproof to offer you optimum results. These devices are meant to last long, so it’s better not to go for cheap models. Buy a containment system with IPX7 level for waterproofing and dust-proof design, allowing you to use the system even in rainy or wet conditions.

Correction Type/Levels

Finding the best wireless dog fence for large dogs means checking types of corrections, including tone-only mode.

Tone-only mode is suitable for your pet’s training but if you want to keep it in check while you’re away, consider products that have both static and beep modes or ones that can deliver mild shocks.

Be aware that large breeds are resistant to shocks, so you should be careful with correction levels. The highest level of intensity should only be used when you’re not around to supervise your dog’s behavior.

Ease of Setup & Installation

The wireless pet containment systems vary in complexity and degree of difficulty between setting up the fence and installing the included hardware and equipment.

Some products like the Wiez dog fence wireless & training collar come with an easy-to-follow instruction manual. It allows you to complete the installation in a matter of minutes; however, others may require some time and effort before they can be set up.

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